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Small Kitchen Remodel Mistakes That You Should Avoid to Save Money

Planning a small kitchen is sometimes akin to treading an obstacle course. There are too many bumps in the way, and believe it or not, most of these are avoidable. From unsuitable appliances to poor space use, homeowners unknowingly commit some common small kitchen remodel mistakes. 

Often these kitchen remodel mistakes are not apparent at the start; however, they begin to manifest and hinder the project as the work progresses. To avoid these mistakes, you have to be intuitive. Careful planning is essential to complete your small kitchen remodel, avoiding the hurdles that could jeopardize the whole project. Further, you should allow enough time to plan your kitchen remodel

The kitchen is undoubtedly an essential part of the house, and remodeling it is a pretty expensive project as well. Therefore, for an overall coherent picture, you should consider all the aspects and steer clear of these common small kitchen remodel mistakes. 

Not Planning The Project

small kitchen remodel mistakes planning
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Planning ahead is essential for any undertaking and remodeling a small kitchen is no different. What homeowners do is that they jump to the project without giving it a proper thought or any plan to proceed. This is one of the most common small kitchen remodel mistakes that manifests itself later during the remodeling when your budget overshoots and you have an unorganized kitchen space, nothing like you have dreamed about.

The smaller the kitchen, the more necessary it is to plan the whole thing. The wrong plan can cause major hurdles and also significanlty increase your small kitchen remodel costs. Most importantly, to rationalize every square foot of space as effectively as possible, it is better to onboard a designer or an architect who will help you through the design and execution phase. 

Besides that, you have to be realistic in your goal. For a small kitchen, it’s better to prioritize what element will go in the kitchen. Analyze your needs and work accordingly. For instance, there is no need for a dishwasher if there are only one or two members in the family. Likewise, a two-burner hob will be sufficient for the small kitchen if the family is small.

Adding Extra Appliances

small kitchen appliances
Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash

People often commit the mistake of installing unnecessary appliances without giving a thought about the needs as well as the dimensions of the space. 

Any element in the kitchen takes space, and in a small kitchen where that space is limited, cluttering it with unnecessary items is a huge mistake. Therefore, do not plan for too many household items or bulky appliances that could be detrimental to the space. Instead, aim for only the essentials with accurate dimensions that perfectly fit in without cluttering or restricting the movement.

Leaving Too Little Space to Move

We understand that you want to fit everything you need into your small kitchen. But you must always leave ample space for easy movements. Kitchen space, above anything, is about functionality. Easy movement around the kitchen is the first requirement of a functional kitchen.

Experts advise that you should leave at least two feet in front of the worktop to facilitate movement. You should take the help of an architect to work up the dimensions of the worktop and distribute the space accordingly.

Opting For Free Standing Appliances

concealed kitchen appliances
Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

Choosing free-standing appliances would be among the top small kitchen remodel mistakes. When the space is less, the preferable choice is to go for integrated appliances.

Although they are a bit expensive, they are compact, respect the dimensions, and saves space. Moreover, integrated appliances add perspective to the kitchen and enhance its aesthetics. 

Fully integrated appliances create an impression of uniformity, expand the perspective, and creates an illusion of a bigger space.

Choosing the Wrong Flooring Material

The kitchen flooring may not get the due attention in a small kitchen, but it’s an essential aspect that you should not overlook. In a small space, the choice of material plays a crucial role if you want your floor to last longer and resist the wear of time. 

For instance, ceramic tiles may look appealing, but they are fragile. The kitchen floor involves too much movement, and ceramic tiles would get stains or even crack easily. You have to choose a durable kitchen flooring material. Similarly, a dark floor is more suitable for a kitchen environment as it will require less time in terms of cleaning.

Leaving The Corner Space Unutilized

small kitchen corner remodel
Photo by Helen Thomas on Unsplash

Space is a luxury in a small kitchen remodel; therefore, not utilizing it to the full extent is a big mistake. For instance, you often overlook corners when renovating the kitchen, but they can be helpful in adding extra storage space to the room.

However, you have to mix in some creativity and go with some custom solutions to utilize the corner. Custom shelves or furniture will fit nicely in the corner and provide you with one more option to store your kitchen accessories.

Neglecting The Height

One common mistake that most homeowners commit while designing their small kitchen is neglecting the height. When the horizontal space is limited, making the most of the vertical space is a wise choice. 

You can install custom-made open shelves above the door or the worktop area. It could serve as an extra storage space or as a showcase for all your amazing cutlery.

Inadequate Lighting

small kitchen lighting mistakes
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

A well-lit environment is essential for a kitchen and more so when the space is less. A dull environment will inadvertently compromise the functionality and make the already small room look more cramped. Installing the wrong kitchen lighting is among the top small kitchen remodel mistakes that you can make.

Good kitchen lighting enhances the convenience of cooking and also boosts the functionality of the space. You must opt for a mix of centralized and individual, focused lighting for optimum brightness. 

You can go with ceiling lights to illuminate the whole area in general. On the other hand, areas that involve a lot of activity, such as the worktop, stove, and sink, should be illuminated with additional lighting sources, probably more focused ones.

Overloading the Surface With Matte Finish

Although a dull matte finish creates a modern chic environment, it could create a restrictive atmosphere in a small space. In that case, you need to opt for a satin or lacquered finish. 

It will reflect the light more and create a feeling of openness and a bigger space. Lacquered finish with its reflective surface creates a mirror effect that brightens the environment and expands the room. This is a critical design element, especially in a small kitchen. 

You are usually fighting for space and a reflective surface is a great way to expand your footprint or at least give the right illusion.