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Expensive Kitchen Remodel Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2021

Create a beautiful kitchen by avoiding these expensive kitchen remodel mistakes

The idea of kitchen remodeling sounds good…until you start. You encounter so many hurdles along the way, especially if you don’t plan correctly. The worst part, however, is that IF any mistakes are made — it isn’t easy to correct those inexpensively. Not to mention, remodeling your kitchen every few years is exhausting, time-consuming, and most importantly, very pricey.

But does it have to be that way? If you plan your remodel meticulously with a professional and stick to your budget, it can be a near hassle-free project too. It all depends on identifying the right problem areas and working to solve them. Also, to ensure that your kitchen remodel is relevant to future home-buyers, you need to also keep a close watch on the latest trends to see which ones work for you, and which to avoid. Don’t get swept off by all the fancy designs if it’s going to be difficult maintenance.

Leave the expensive and difficult mistakes in 2020, and instead choose worthy alternatives in 2021. We list down the most problematic trends of this year and why you should avoid those.


Kitchen Remodel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A picture showing kitchen remodel mistakes that happen if spacing is not planned properly

1. Wall Mounted Cabinetry

Open shelving is effectively replacing wall-mounted cabinetry as it’s an ideal concept to display your china collection and appliances for the envy of all.

Bye, traditional wooden façade of cabinets and cupboards and hello, semi-opaque glass.

Alternative: If keeping your crockery in the shadows is still your thing, opt for the floor to ceiling cabinetry with ovens and cookbooks shelves as it is making a comeback this year.


2. Handleless Technology

The highlight of 2021 kitchens: subtle and invisible design.

Make way for handleless technology and bid farewell to handles as it will be gone for good.

Alternative: If you cannot do without handles, recessed handles for drawers and cabinets and handles with side groves for larders and fridge offers you a subtle look of the space.


3. Displayed Appliances

Part of the makeup of the kitchen is the appliances. But then, with it jutting out every corner, it affects the kitchen designs, and space is compromised with the bulky ones.

Alternative: Due to clever storage solutions, concealed built-in appliances for clean lines and integration is the new favorite of kitchen designs. No more openly displayed kitchen appliances as the new theme is suave, concealed appliances for seamless visual connectivity.


4. Hardwood Flooring

Before starting, always make sure your plans are well-thought-out and your chosen designs and ideas will work because once you start, you can’t stop and besides, the expense.

Alternative: Engineered flooring options are taking over the good old hardwood flooring and it comes in three types: Engineered wood, Laminate, and Vinyl along with their individual benefits.

For example, engineered wood flooring is easier to install and heat-resistant so the planks are not prone to expansion and contraction.


5. Tile Countertops

An affordable option but it’s time to consider others. Besides adding texture to the space, tile countertops are difficult maintenance and prone to chipping and grouts. Although natural stone does not chip or show imperfections easily, it still needs to be sealed regularly. Whereas porcelain tiles may be easier maintenance, but once damaged, they seem pitifully worn out. And by being porous, they’re susceptible to bacterial absorption.

Granite and marble countertops have been extensively used as they’re everywhere and the limited color choices are not helpful.

Alternative: The 2021 ‘in’ thing is solid surface tops like Corian countertops, Concrete, or Engineered stones like Quartz. Quartz not only has many color options & patterns — it’s also incredibly easy to maintain.


6. Pot Racks

Since minimalism is the current trend in the kitchen remodeling, pot racks are replaced with neatly stacking pots and pans in drawers or cabinets. Elegance is a safe option, therefore, go for a design that is tasteful and sleek.


7. Kitchen Desk

They’re nostalgic but nostalgia has to take a step back as the kitchen desk is not welcome in a modern kitchen. The chances are that you will end up stacking a lot of kitchen clutter on it.

Alternative:  Firstly, you need to move the desk out or move it elsewhere. Next, find a better space for all that chopping, preferably a suave kitchen island.


8. Raised Panel Doors and Partial Overlay

Initially, raised panel doors offered a classic look to cabinets but now not so much. Same goes with partial overlay doors, they don’t entirely cover the frame in the cabinets and are no longer a favorite.

Alternative: Try the European kitchen staple Inset cabinets instead.


9. White Kitchens

The hot trend got replaced for neutral tones as wall colors and backsplashes as they’re a style statement.

Colored cabinets are the go-to in the kitchen and the demand is for the blue and grey-wash blue as they radiate positivity in the kitchen.

Alternatives: You can add one element of accent color like a blue stool or a bright-hued textured wall to accentuate the kitchen and basically forget the all-white concept.


10. Brass Hardware

Once it was retro, now it’s outdated.

Brass would just be a flashy item in the new trend of minimalism in any modern kitchen.

Alternative: For a subtle effect, try brushed nickel, glass, or stainless steel instead.


In Summary

Kitchen remodeling is an expensive undertaking. The last thing you want is to have expensive kitchen remodel mistakes that make life more difficult.

Just like most things in life, planning your kitchen remodel efficiently can help you to avoid tragedy. It’s essential that you do not follow the latest trends blindly and trust your instincts. After all, the biggest kitchen remodel mistake you can make is going for beautiful materials that do not serve your family’s lifestyle in the long run.