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What is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen remodeling is an extensive and expensive process. After taking it up, people spend a lot of time imagining and visualizing their dream kitchen and all the features they would like it to have. However, after some time, reality inevitably sets in. Many factors can potentially hold back our kitchen remodeling process from going as planned. One of the most essential factors in this regard is your budget. Therefore, many people are interested in knowing the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel.

Experts have discovered that the average cost of kitchen remodeling in the US is around $23,863 or $150 per square foot. Important factors that determine this cost are the quality of materials, size of the kitchen, and the remodeling project scale.

If you understand the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel, you will also be able to identify ways of saving money during the process. You can then put together an efficient budget that will help you reach your goals easily. Here we will show you what the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel is likely to be.

What Investments Should You Make During Kitchen Remodeling?

To know the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel, you first need to understand how costs are distributed during the process. If your kitchen has been built well in the first place, you will probably not have to look into other kitchen flooring options.

On the other hand, you could still have to replace the drywall and get it repainted. Such costs do not usually take up more than 10% of your budget. Electricals and plumbing are two other important factors that affect the cost of kitchen remodeling. Like flooring, you may not have to invest in them if they were done properly in the first place.

Instead, you will probably just end up replacing a couple of switches or plug points. However, remember that there are certain things you absolutely must not handle by yourself unless you are qualified or genuinely confident enough.

For example, an accident while installing a new sink and faucet can result in a smashed pipe. That will cause you to lose more money than you saved by opting for a DIY approach. Thus, in such cases, it is wiser to seek the help of a professional.

Surprisingly, professional assistance does not usually amount to more than 10% of your overall budget either. Thus, we recommend seeking an expert’s help whenever possible.

What Is The Most Expensive Part Of A Kitchen Remodel?

We’ve now arrived at the million-dollar question. Most experts agree that the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel is the cabinets. They take up a massive portion of your kitchen remodeling budget. It may be surprising to you because, for most people, cabinets are generally overshadowed by other elements of their kitchen. However, on average, they can cost you an average of $3,000 to $8,000!

If you feel that is outrageous, rest assured it isn’t. Cabinets are an integral part of your kitchen; they play a crucial role in the aesthetics and storage capacity of the space. The actual cost of your cabinetry is determined by several factors, including the material, labor, and paint. Cabinets are generally customized, which raises their price significantly. Kitchen storage options can take up nearly half of your remodeling budget all by themselves.

Naturally, many people wonder whether it is worth spending so much on cabinetry or not while remodeling a kitchen.

Should You Spend A Lot On Cabinets?

We have already discussed some aspects of the role of cabinetry in your kitchen. At this point, it is essential to mention that your kitchen remodeling project is a very crucial investment on your part. Thus, you need to treat it as such.

A proper remodeling job can breathe fresh life into your home and enhance its resale value as well. Thus, you can be assured that you are putting your money in the right place.

Most of us do not even realize the significance of our actions when we use kitchen cabinets every day. Even if it is merely to take some snacks or cooking ingredients, just think of the number of times you use kitchen cabinets every day. They have an immense impact on the quality of a kitchen.

Thus, you should be confident that investing in them is not wasteful. If you truly cannot afford to buy new cabinets, you should ensure that your existing cabinetry is in good shape. Take good care of it and maintain it regularly by oiling or refurbishing it.

What Are The Other Expensive Parts Of A Kitchen Remodel?

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As mentioned, cabinets certainly qualify for the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel in general. After that, we have kitchen appliances ranking second on the list with an average total cost of $8,200.

After all, no renovation is complete unless you choose the right kitchen appliances. A modern kitchen tends to be more energy-efficient, and thus helps you save up on electricity bills as well.

Kitchen countertops rank third in the list, with an average cost of $6,000. The amount you end up paying for countertops depends on the material you choose, such as granite, marble, or quartz.

Depending on this, countertop costs could take up nearly 10% to 30% of your kitchen remodel budget. You should ensure that you purchase quality appliances from known brands that will serve you for years. Also, you should make sure that they match well with the overall design of your kitchen.

Keep in mind that experts recommend that your kitchen remodeling budget should ideally be between 5% to 15% of your home’s value. They also advise keeping aside at least 5% of your budget for unexpected expenses.

For instance, you may come across faulty wiring or broken pipes during the kitchen remodeling process.