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Kitchen Remodeling

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waterfall kitchen island

The Alluring Waterfall Kitchen Island: A Comprehensive Guide

For anyone designing a kitchen to impress, a waterfall kitchen island is an excellent investment piece. Taking front and center, a waterfall kitchen island is the perfect functional piece that doubles up as decorative art. By combining the right look and materials, a waterfall kitchen

l shaped kitchen with island

Designing an L Shaped Kitchen with Island

L shaped kitchen with island designs is popular among homeowners for good reasons. Despite some drawbacks, like wasted corner space, the advantages are worth it. The ideal size for an L shaped kitchen varies, but usually, at least 10×10 feet is recommended. The best layout

cost kitchen remodel Oakton

Cost of a Kitchen Remodel in Oakton: A Detailed Guide

Remodeling your kitchen can be a tremendous undertaking, but at the same can be very rewarding. According to experts, the cost of a kitchen remodel in Oakton, VA, is between $25,214 for minor changes to $129,079 for a major remodel with luxury fixtures.  However, on

minimalist kitchen remodel ideas

Minimalist Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Are Worth the Upgrade

Minimalist kitchen remodel ideas aren’t just about purging everything from your kitchen. The key to a good kitchen remodel is to strike the right balance between design and functionality.  Even though a minimalist design is difficult for such a traditionally maximalist space, it’s certainly not