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Kitchen Remodeling

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cost kitchen remodel Oakton

Cost of a Kitchen Remodel in Oakton: A Detailed Guide

Remodeling your kitchen can be a tremendous undertaking, but at the same can be very rewarding. According to experts, the cost of a kitchen remodel in Oakton, VA, is between $25,214 for minor changes to $129,079 for a major remodel with luxury fixtures.  However, on

minimalist kitchen remodel ideas

Minimalist Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Are Worth the Upgrade

Minimalist kitchen remodel ideas aren’t just about purging everything from your kitchen. The key to a good kitchen remodel is to strike the right balance between design and functionality.  Even though a minimalist design is difficult for such a traditionally maximalist space, it’s certainly not

kitchen remodeling contractors

Floor and Cabinet Installations in Your Kitchen Remodel

General kitchen overhaul will help to increase and update the available floor footage. Total remodeling has other advantages. They include home value addition and overall appeal to potential buyers. Kitchen remodel is normally a big undertaking. To achieve a kitchen of your liking, you need to
best modern kitchen renovation

Best Ways to Renovate Your Modern Kitchen

Today, nothing can transform a home into a desirable place than a newly renovated kitchen. A kitchen renovation program is demanding. Therefore, it requires seriousness and commitment. If you handle it well, it can be extremely gratifying. It is crucial to have an idea before
bathroom renovation contractors

Pros and Cons of doing kitchen renovation yourself

Kitchen remodeling is a critical process that requires medium skill level. Mainly, it involves appliances replacement and cabinet removal. Renovating your kitchen by your own saves you money. On the other hand, things can go wrong and cost you expensive mistakes that will ruin your
best kitchen remodeling contractors

Mistakes to Avoid During Kitchen Designing

Before you start demolishing your kitchen walls and cabinets, take a pause. Running into a kitchen remodeling without a good plan is a peril. It can cost you an expensive mistake which can even affect your home value. You do not want this. Do not
spacious bathroom remodel

Choose the Right Flooring for Your Home in 2021

2021 is a year of breakout designs and when it comes to flooring, it’s no different. We now have more design patterns and materials for home flooring than ever before. This, coupled with thousands of design ideas on social media platforms means that there is more opportunity

Google to Move from Reston Town Center to Reston Station

In a few months, Reston in Fairfax County, Virginia, will see the world’s biggest technology company migrate eastwards, albeit for only less than two miles. According to a lease agreement recently signed, Google will move its employee base of nearly 200 people this summer to Reston Station, an urban employment center on the