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Your Guide to the Real Cost of Kitchen Remodeling in Fairfax

cost of kitchen remodeling Fairfax


Are you looking to remodel your kitchen, but you’re not sure where to start and how much it will cost? Kitchen remodeling can be a great way to add value to your home and provide you with a space of pure blissfulness.

In Fairfax, many homeowners reinvigorate that feeling of excitement and love for their homes by remodeling their space. For some homeowners, a new kitchen can completely change the way they feel about their home. For others, it may be a new cooktop or just refinished cabinets.

Whatever the project, it is essential to figure out the overall cost before starting the kitchen remodeling process. Here are a couple of ways you can determine the cost of kitchen remodeling in Fairfax.

Average Costs

fairfax kitchen remodel
Photo by Clayton on Unsplash

What is the typical cost of kitchen remodeling in Fairfax? Although the answer to that question varies considerably based on the situation, here are some figures that can help you figure out what type of project may suit your budget.

  • The base cost of kitchen remodeling in Fairfax is $100/ sq ft.
  • Premium remodels generally start at $150/ sq ft.
  • Luxury remodels start at $250/ sq ft. of the space being renovated but can go as high as the budget allows based on the client.
Full kitchen remodels can go up to $100,000. Similarly, various structural and mechanical repairs take up some of the budget. Also, don’t forget to top up 20% of your total budget for other unforeseen costs you will encounter along the way. If you work with an established, high-end interior designer or a cabinet design studio for a big kitchen remodel, here is the breakdown of your costs.
  • Design: $3,000-$10,000
  • Products: $45,000-$90,000
  • Labor: $15,000-$20,000

Factors To Consider

Factors that will affect your budget include the following:

  • Size of your kitchen.
  • Underlying problems.
  • Material costs.
  • How extensive the design is.


You also need to consider the cost of new appliances, new cabinets, new hardware, and other structural design repairs, and of course, the labor costs. But if you want to remodel on a budget, there are certain areas where you can decide not to splurge on, such as –

  • Refinishing cabinets
  • Using the existing layout
  • Flooring and Backsplash
  • Same Appliances
  • Refinish the Countertops
If you work with a contractor for a mid-sized kitchen, your costs will go down, but it is a lot riskier when things go wrong and/or you need repairs in the future. Likewise, you also need to shop around for the best products at the retail price.
  • Design: $500-$1,000
  • Products: $5,000-$25,000
  • Labor: $3,000-$9,000
If you work with a one-stop remodeling store, like ours, your price will be a little bit more than what you would pay a contractor and less if you work with a design studio, but they will take care of everything from A to Z, guarantee the work and assume responsibility when things go wrong. For a mid-sized kitchen, here is your breakdown:
  • Design: Usually free if it falls under their service area
  • Products: $8,000-$35,000
  • Labor: $5,000-$15,000
The biggest cost for your remodel will obviously be cabinets. Lastly, the size of your kitchen will significantly change the cost of your cabinets. Here is a ballpark breakdown of these costs:
  • Import cabinets, semi-custom, with up to 5 years of warranty: $6,000-$15,000 (Lead time up to 2 weeks)
  • American-made, fully customizable, lifetime warranty cabinets: $15,000-$55,000 (Lead time at least 6 to 8 weeks)

These can be your big-ticket on saving costs while remodeling your kitchen in Fairfax.


Research, Research, Research!

research cost of kitchen remodel
Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

Labor and material costs can add up quickly, which means you can save your money only by doing small DIY projects here and there. It is the only difference between getting your dream kitchen rather than settling on a cheaper alternative.

As friends and family, read customer reviews and speak up with kitchen remodeling companies in Fairfax before you fully commit. You want to make sure you’re giving yourself the best possible options for your remodel.

Moreover, keep all your receipts and contracts handy. You want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your kitchen remodel. After all, you’ve spent so much time and money; you deserve exactly what you wanted.


Cheap is Not Always Good

You can always find the cheapest material or hire the most inexpensive labor. But cheap doesn’t always mean good. Hiring the right, qualified people for your remodel is crucial. It’s the difference between a job well done vs. a rushed one with low-quality of expertise.

We say this because hiring cheap labor can cost you double the cost in repairs and maintenance later down the road. It’s best to hire a registered and qualified contractor the first time to ease the headaches under-qualified contractors may leave you with.

Furthermore, allocating the right budget for the labor and other installation charges for your project will give you peace of mind from overspending. On average, a certified contractor will cost you $40 – $60/ hr and onwards for your kitchen remodel in Fairfax.

By following these factors, you’ll be able to determine the cost of kitchen remodeling in Fairfax as well as experience your dream kitchen come to life.