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Top Bathroom Remodel Trends of 2021

2021 is all about bringing the comforts of luxury into the home. Thinking about remodeling your bathroom this year? Create a bathroom that is luxurious and inviting by adding new elements like freshly painted cabinets, new faucets and hardware, new marble or granite countertops, and new ‘Smart’ appliances to your space. The year of 2021 is all about making statements, big and/or small. Here are some new ways to add style and design to your new bathroom…

Floating Vanities
A shower without a separator? A floating vanity? 2021 marks a distinct departure from set lines and structures and one way to do that, especially if you are designing a new bathroom. Floating vanities leave ample space for cleaning. And the ‘gap’ created in its visual appeal can be offset easily by using a more visually intense material like wood for vanity. Also, the idea of a no separate shower zone takes cue from this theme too.

A Hint of Metal
This is one item that, along with natural stone, will never go out of fashion. Just like marble, in whatever size or shape, metal also works to create a beautiful space. Whether it is a simple steel faucet or brass pullouts, metal products are durable, and create a strong impression.

A Hint of a Spa, An Overdose of Comfort
Adding elements of a spa can be the right way to revitalize your day, and life. It helps that spa-related luxuries have gone mainstream and bathroom brands now have products that bring a sense of pampering, care and spa-like feeling into your home. Which makes sense, after all, because this is one of the surest ways to ensure that you not only feel rejuvenated but also look forward to the day ahead.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Black
Even now, white remains the choice of color in our bathrooms and homes. White sinks, white toilets, white vanities. It adds a sense of brightness and gives a serene, calming environment. Contrasting white with black is a common trend that we’re absolutely loving! It’s classy and bold, and can elevate your ordinary bathroom into a beautiful and sophisticated space. Black accents also work brilliantly when paired with the right lighting solutions. For 2021, Matte is the newest texture of choice.

Add some Color or new Art
A simple update to your bathroom may be as simple as adding new paint or atwork. Even the simplest, or the quirkiest art, can infuse character into your bathroom.

Freshly painted cabinets or a new piece of art can be a good way to introduce color and texture into a bathroom. Of course, use art which is resistant to water and moisture, so a good option would be framed with glass.

If, however, you like your walls clean and uncluttered and still want some semblance of art, how about setting up the vanity in front of a window? This works especially if you have a beautiful view. If you want to go a bit extreme or eccentric, how about mirrors suspended from the ceiling or using a mirror on the end wall of the sink?

Time to Go ‘Smart’?
From automated faucets to heated toilets that self-clean and light up, to app-controlled features throughout the bathroom, the technology has landed in the loo! Kohler, one of the premium German brands, will integrate its Numi line of products with its Konnect app, and other companies are likely to follow suit.