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Top Home Updates for a High Resale Value

We have all seen houses that blew our minds. Both their interiors and exteriors sing tales of perfect planning and flawless execution. And it has probably even moved you to change things up for your own house. However, every house can update from various home updates.

I mean, sure, when you bought your house, it made sense for your family’s needs and was probably a well-thought-out decision too. But needs evolve over time and houses, unfortunately, can’t keep up. The house still sees depreciation and needs to be remodeled as per new trends after a few years.

And obviously, you have to factor in the time and energy required for the project too, even when you decide to do it. From calculating the budget of the materials to hiring a contractor– a lot goes into it. To be on the safe side, we would recommend investing in projects that would provide the biggest resale value in the future. At least that way you know that you are covered.

I mean sure, if you plan on staying in your house for the long-term, then remodel your house to your liking. But if not, your remodeling decisions should factor in what potential homeowners want too.

Just like you, the new homeowners would take everything into consideration before they decide to purchase. As long as everything is in good condition and well-maintained, the chances of them saying yes are high. But if they need to do a lot of work before they can move in, they will probably not give your property a second thought.

If you’re absolutely clueless in figuring out which remodeling projects provide you with the highest ROI, don’t worry. This guide covers it all. Here are top paying home improvement projects you can undertake:


1. KITCHEN Remodel

There’s no way your day won’t involve a kitchen. Whether it’s to cook, to eat or just catch up with your family while snacking — you will indubitably find your way there. So it goes without saying, homeowners seek a well-maintained kitchen above everything when considering a purchase.

If your kitchen cabinets, fixtures, appliances, and countertops are in good condition, then you only need to do the minimum. For instance, give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint or replace them with new ones. You can resurface the countertop in a similar way too. Also, you can change the fixtures and appliances if they’re worn out. The outdated fixtures and appliances would look really old against the new cabinets, so you might as well make that change.

However, if there are signs that your kitchen is in a dire need of a makeover and you have to change everything in it, then it’s best to choose a design that is popular rather than opting for an eccentric look. Your kitchen should be unique to reflect your style but at the same time suitable for every new homeowner.

Start by picking the cabinet color and the countertop material. Next, ensure that your fixtures and appliances are practical and easy to use. Choosing the most expensive and fancy appliances is pointless if they are not user-friendly. Nobody wants that headache.

Whatever you pick should be durable and easy to maintain in order to lure in the buyers. This goes especially for the cabinets and the countertop material.


Kitchen Remodel Ideas


2. Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is also a space that needs to be handled with care. This applies especially to the powder room and the guest bathroom as they are commonly used by many people, including visitors.

The same concept as the kitchen applies here too. If the bathroom as a whole is still in good condition, some minor adjustments would do. Monitor the condition of the vanity and the flooring as the bathroom is always humid and prone to temperature changes. If the vanity and the flooring are worn out, make necessary changes that would contribute to high resale value.

If your appliances are still in good condition, leave it. Don’t spend unnecessarily when there are other important areas to focus on. Prioritize appearance instead of opting for high tech fixtures. If it looks good and functions well, it’s a win. If the looks are not great but the appliances are high-end, your resale value might be on the line.

Therefore, fix what is necessary for the comfort of your family first. Avoid indulging in unnecessary expenditures that may not help with your ROI or might worsen it.

Unless your bathroom is in a terrible need of major bathroom remodeling, then proceed with caution. Ensure that the outcome of the bathroom layout is uniquely yours and still suitable for potential homeowners.

Installing expensive showerheads or fancy bathtubs may be great for you if you plan to stay long term. If not, it could be a major setback in your resale value. Plus, you might have to spend on costly maintenance.


bathroom remodel ideas


3. Room Additions

Adding in an extra room is a good investment. The room could be used for numerous purposes. Be it a bedroom, a guest room, a home office, a playroom – you can opt for anything that you see fit.

Also, the bigger the space of your house, the higher your house value. Sure, putting in an extra room may be costly but it brings a positive effect on your resale value.

Be mindful that the location and size of the new room should be ideal, though. Besides, it’s not wise to have too many rooms unless you have a big family and your new homeowners would also love all that space.

Play safe with your room layout by ensuring your furniture is easily moveable and nothing is mounted on the wall or even if it is, it’s easy to remove. The new homeowners might have a different idea of how they plan to utilize the room, therefore, it’s good to have a simple layout. That leaves room for a lot of flexibility.


4. New Flooring

A lot of movement happens in the house. Moreover, accidents happen and we tend to spill things on the floor. We spill food and drinks in the kitchen and living hall. Toiletries are spilled either on the bathroom floor or the bedroom floor. As a result, your flooring takes a heavy beating with all these incidents. Consequently, it’s best to constantly check on the flooring condition to ensure it’s properly maintained as this also affects your resale value.

Hardwood and laminate flooring is the common favorite among new homeowners. Carpet is no longer one of them and in fact, houses that still use carpet flooring cause their resale value to drop. Carpets are difficult to maintain and they easily stain too. The homeowners in the past may have loved them, but the new homeowners are surely ready to say goodbye.

Hardwood flooring is best used in dry areas only, though. So basically, you can use it anywhere in the house except the bathroom and for a safe side, the kitchen as well. Hardwood flooring can rot easily with the presence of moisture and there also tends to be gaps when installing them; so it’s easy for liquids to seep in along the gaps.

Laminate flooring is the best alternative for your bathrooms and kitchen as the installation process is much easier and it’s more durable than hardwood. Appearance-wise, it’s a close mimic of a hardwood floor, and it’s low maintenance. All these benefits of laminate flooring would definitely improve your resale value.


Flooring Ideas Top Paying Home Updates


5. New Paint

Ever felt like you’ve done your best in remodeling but it just feels like it’s lacking something? Have you ever thought about the paint color? Does the old color still match your new layout? If no, then you’ve got your answer.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest change that creates the biggest impact. Before you decide on a remodeling project, make some small changes in that space, for instance, the paint. The right color could highlight and enhance the space. If the color is no longer in trend or it looks faded, then give it a fresh coat of paint.

Bring your space to life by picking bright or soothing colors that would make the space pop and puts you in a good mood whenever you enter the room. The whole house can look brand new with the right change of color, and that inevitably increases your resale value as well.


6. Front Door

The first impression is always important — and for a house, it’s inevitably the front door.

If your front door is worn out and old, it’s a definite sign for a change. Invest in a good and solid door that provides a great impression to new homeowners, which in turn, will work in favor of your resale value.

Wood doors are a classic favorite and provide an elegant charm to the house. They are sturdy and offer great security for your home too. Nonetheless, they can be extremely costly and require constant maintenance. Furthermore, wood doors are prone to rotting and expanding due to the weather and moisture. In a nutshell, they look great but aren’t great for long term usage.

In our opinion, fiberglass doors are a more favorable option than wood doors due to their high durability. They are also available in numerous finishes including wood finishes. Therefore, you can still have a wood-like door which is of better quality. Besides, fiberglass doors have foam core insulation to keep heated or cool air from escaping your home. Additionally, they’re dent and scratch-resistant from the weather changes or the high volume of traffic that your entry door experiences.

If maximum security is your goal, opt for the steel door as it’s basically a better version of the fiberglass door. It also comes with many different types of finishing — so if you’re still obsessed with wood, a steel door with wood finishing could be the perfect solution. It’s a triple-win situation where you get your wood door, only with more upsides.



Leakages are a small issue when dealt with right away. If they go unnoticed, they could be a big and expensive mess, though. No one wants to set foot in a house with all sorts of leakage and mold problems. So, rectify the issue as soon as possible.

The worst part is leakages can happen anywhere in the house, especially in places that have moisture. So, make sure to frequently check your bathroom and kitchen to ensure there are no leaks. If there are, then get them fixed right away before mold starts forming and things become worse. Be sure to check your roof to ensure there are no leaks from the ceiling too. You can also get a house assessment to identify all major problems in the house that need to be dealt with.



No matter what changes you do, it’s important to bear in mind the neighborhood you live in. Your neighborhood gives you a good estimation of your potential resale value, therefore, ensure your remodeling is not too costly. It’s an absolute waste if you invest a lot but can’t sell your house as no one is willing to pay to stay in your neighborhood.

Additionally, trends may work oppositely over time and this is called style depreciation. So what’s hot now, may not be hot in the future. Hence to play it safe and to avoid this from happening, monitor the current market style and go with the best option. If you like a particular design, go for it because currently, it’s you and your family that’s living in the house, anyway. So design it to your comfort and don’t get carried away by the worries of the future.

Ultimately, the decisions depend on how long you plan to stay in your house. If its long term, then resale value is not a big concern as your priority is you and your family’s needs and comforts. However, if you find yourself moving in the next few years, then make decisions accordingly.