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Best Dry Cleaners Serving Dulles

closet with dress shirts on hangersWe want nothing less than the best dry cleaner professionals. Particularly those from whom we can trust with our most cherished garments.

Suits, dresses, coats, we all have special clothing we want to continue wearing. Also, some of us have developed such strong bonds with certain items in our wardrobes that we cannot simply risk losing them or their appeal by amateurish cleaning mistakes. Search no more, the best dry cleaners are listed below. These dry cleaners will provide you with great customer service as well as a bang for your buck in Dulles and the surrounding areas in Northern Virginia.


Free Pick-Up and Delivery

Maple Cleaners

At 348 Maple Avenue West, Vienna, Maple Cleaners is the first one. It is a local business that will take stellar care of your clothing and all home textiles. The owner family has such decent people behind the counter and over the phone that communication is never an issue with them. All you need to do is place an online order for free pick-up and delivery. The rest is what they have excelled in over the years they have been in operation.


Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners

Chrissie’s Cleaners

Dry cleaning is a process heavy in use of chemicals that are able to remove the stains from delicate surfaces. Yet, some of the solvents that those businesses resort to are hazardous. After they do their job, they evaporate as they should. So, they mix in the air we breathe but also add to the worsening contamination in land and in the waters. To address such environmental concerns, some businesses have shifted their operations, at least in part. Chrissie’s Cleaners at 47028 Harry Byrd Highway, Sterling is a proud member of that growing community. And guess what? They don’t sacrifice service quality or raise prices in the process. Not even a bit!



Another business that promises the use of ecologically friendly substances in dry cleaning garments is CleanMart at 4090 Airline Parkway, Chantilly. With the consistently superb service they provide, it is no wonder that they have grown such a massive clientele outside the Beltway. Always expertly, honest and polite, it is where customers return to for good reasons. They could only be better with a webpage of their own and it would be unreasonable to expect them to stay somewhat old school post-coronavirus.


High-End Garments

J Alterations

 What is the most precious piece of clothing you own? Perhaps, a bridal gown, a tuxedo, a prom dress or a symbolic apparel you have inherited from your (grand) parents? J Alterations at 14220 Sullyfield Circle, Chantilly is the place to leave them for the most careful dry cleaning and repairs. The owner and the chief seamstress is such a master of her craft, customer satisfaction is a guarantee.