Traditional Style Decor Bathroom Remodel


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Adding Traditional Style Decor Bathroom Remodel

Traditional style decor Bathroom has been in use in home layouts since the 18th century. The style remains popular amongst homeowners today and that is why several designers pay homage to this revolutionary period by incorporating some elements of the style when designing and remodeling homes. If you are looking to incorporate this style in your bathroom remodel, then you can use some of these great ideas from the company.

Install classic cabinets full of character

When selecting cabinets or vanities and you wish to incorporate this style, then you should search for those that have round legs, decorated knobs, or those that have curved doors. Such items look more like pieces of classic furniture rather than bathroom cabinets and vanities.

Select classic and spectacular tiles

Tiles with lighter colors and veins are hallmarks of the traditional style decor. In addition, go for unique patterns such as those where tile play and different mosaics are involved. The best options available to you include the Carrara and the Calacatta marble tiles, both of which have a classic feel to them.

Refrain from polished chrome

If you truly want to incorporate the traditional style in your bathroom remodel, then you should avoid shiny and polished finishes. To be truly authentic, you should go for brushed nickel finishes on knobs and metallic surfaces or faucets and sinks that contain oil rubbed bronze finishes.

Incorporate soothing colors

One of the key features of a traditionally styled bathroom is cool and soothing colors. Bright hues are often frowned upon in a traditional set-up because they seem to upset the balance, energy, and atmosphere that a traditional style endeavors to uphold. In traditional settings, you are more likely to find neutral colors taking the focus while pale greens and blues are part of the background.

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