Tips for Remodelling a Bathroom


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If you are thinking of over hauling your bathroom then the chances are you are struggling to settle on what to do in there. You could play safe and just change the colour of the walls and put a new pot plant on the window ledge. Alternatively, you could install a vertical garden on one wall and have a feature tiled floor.

Of course what you can do with your bathroom has a great deal to do with the amount of space you have. A small room should not prevent you from having a stylish, relaxing room.

A small room can be enhanced by creating a feature tiled floor. One of the walls could utilise geometric tiles to get maximum impact from a small area.

Upgrading to a higher specification shower will also help to raise the quality feel of a small space. Touch screen showers can give options on the number of jets used, the power of the jets and the temperature of the water.

If you are fortunate to have a bigger bathroom then, naturally, you have considerably more options.

A feature tiled floor on a bigger scale can look incredibly stylish and elegant. No high quality bathroom is complete without a free standing bath tub. The design of the tub will have a huge impact on the overall look of your bathroom. Nothing quite says class as much as free standing bath tub.

When we remodel our bathroom we want to show off the floor tiling, quality basins and the shiny new shower. The last things we want on display are our toiletries, shaving equipment and the various creams an potions that we convince ourselves we can’t live without. Custom made vanity units will preserve the clean lines while hiding all the bits and pieces. Floating vanity units can increase the style factor.

The bigger bathroom spaces lend themselves to a larger shower unit. Without the need to cram a tight shower unit in the corner we can go with the trend of much larger shower areas. Walk in showers and even double showers are must-have items for a modern bathroom.

The new look to a bathroom can never be complete without paying special attention to the walls. I mentioned above the vertical garden. This will add some texture on a feature wall. For the remaining walls we can stay with plain tiles but this can give the room a cold feel. For more warmth we can use wood effect tiles or natural stone tiles.

As a colour scheme, grey still seems popular and gives an executive feeling to the bathroom.

Another recent trend for ensuite bathrooms is to not hide them away. If people have put top quality items like basins, free standing baths and huge showers, they want to have them visible from the bedroom. Some even go for an open plan bedroom and ensuite if a larger scale renovation is possible. To give more flexibility, large sliding doors can enable the space to be opened up or closed off as necessary.

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