The Bathroom Remodeling Checklist – 9 Important Considerations


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When renovating your bathroom, you may feel overwhelmed by the endless considerations and decisions to be made.  The following checklist will help give you direction while making your plans and keep you on track to carry out a successful renovation.

Budget – First and foremost you must examine your finances and make a budget for your renovation.  Once you have a budget in mind, you’ll be able to plan for appropriate changes that fit into your finances.

Hidden complications – When you’re making your plans, consider the age of your house and be sure to budget in some additional money for possible water damage or old plumbing troubles.  While carrying out your renovations you may discover some of these problems and will need to take care of them.

Style  – Think about color themes or general design styles such as modern, traditional or industrial to give direction to your renovation.  Once you’ve picked your style, you’ll be able to pick out items such as fixtures, tiles, paint color, etc.  You may also consider purchasing matching bath towels and other bathroom accessories.

Measurements – While you’re making your plans, consider the size of your bathroom and the space you have to work with.  Although a larger shower or bath space may be nice, you’ll have to take in to account the other elements in your bathroom.  Be sure to leave some space for storage along with the other bathroom elements.

Functionality – Although style and picking out new fixtures is fun – remember that function is also important.  Think about who will use the bathroom – is it possible that older parents will be moving in in the future?  Although some fixtures and accessories may look great, are they durable?  Will they work for little hands or older hands?

Professional Help – Hiring some professionals to help you with your renovation may save you headaches in the future.  Although some of the renovation might be do it yourself worthy, leave complicated installations and technical jobs to a professional.  Electrical, plumbing and tile work are best left to those with training.

Lighting  – Remember that part of a great bathroom is excellent lighting.  Contemplate your options and be sure to include some wall lighting in addition to overhead lighting.  This is important as overhead lighting makes shadows on the face.Lighting is also a very fun design element and can add some great style without adding on too much cost.

Ventilation  – A bathroom full of steam will damage paint and may promote mold or mildew growth in your newly renovated bathroom.  Be sure to include a high quality fan in order to avoid these complications.  There are even humidity-sensing units that automatically switch on after detecting certain levels of moisture in the air.

Going green  – Now there are many water saving options such as low-flow toilets that are not only eco-friendly but will also save on your water bill.  You can also take this to the level of new materials purchased, such as safely harvested wood or natural materials rather than plastics.

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