Surviving a Kitchen Remodel


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Living in your house while a kitchen remodel is going on is not the easiest thing to live through. The kitchen will be barely functional during the process, which will be a big inconvenience to you and your family. We will provide you with the tips on how to survive the big imposition and inconvenience that is a kitchen remodel.

The first thing you need to do is to create a kitchen stand-in. Eating out is an option for many homeowners will get old pretty soon and it puts a heavy dent on your budget. Ordering takeout does not guarantee that you will survive the kitchen remodel unscathed. You still need to make room for pouring cereals, and making your kids’ school lunches. The best thing to do is to set up a temporary kitchen that is out of the way of the construction workers. A guesthouse can be an excellent temporary kitchen when you add a few movable tables, folding chairs, and shelves.

The next thing you need to do is to move your essential kitchen appliances to the stand-in kitchen. Remember that the temporary kitchen has a limited amount of space, thus you need to keep things simple and move only the bare necessities to the temporary kitchen. Put the other appliances that you will not need in a storage area until the remodeling process comes to an end.

Another tip of surviving the kitchen remodel is to stock up on recyclable utensils, napkins, and cups and store them in your pantry or if there is any additional storage, place them in your temporary kitchen. Cleaning will be a breeze easing the stress of the inconvenience of being temporarily displaced for both you and your family. In addition, you need to stock up on non-perishable snacks. The snacks will come in handy when you do not have the will power to make a whole meal in your temporary kitchen.

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