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Dulles Kitchen and bath highlights the best shower systems yet in the market for your bathroom. The systems range from your typical water heating shower to the popular preheated shower. When looking for your suitable shower system, you need to put into consideration the expense as well as quality. The pressure with which the water reaches the shower outlet is of equal importance. The improved system technology-wise will mean you get all these privileges in one. These systems are powered by different energy sources as follows; solar, electricity and biogas. Dulles Kitchen and bath has covered all these sources depending on which is easily accessible in your location.

  1. Solar panel shower system.

These type of shower system is powered by the sun. Your shower is connected to the solar panel in turn and the water is heated by the intensity of the sun. The advantage of this system is that energy is stored even when there is no sun available. The pressure is also of maximum quality due to no regulation of natural source of energy.

2. Electrical shower system.

Electrically supplied shower systems are common since they do not require any extra set up costs and energy. These system is however entirely dependent on electricity. Moreover with a short circuit in the heating system it may destroy the system and may require regular maintenance and changing of the heater system.

3. Biogas energy supplied shower system.

This system is produced from recycling of waste to generate wind energy which is in turn turned to heat energy. This system is the most eco-friendly and also least expensive due to free and available source of energy.

The setback lies with the less pressure and heat produced by this shower system since the energy supply chain goes through a couple of conversions to finally achieve the heat required for heating the water.