Shower Remodeling Ideas You Should Know About


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Shower Remodeling Ideas You Should Know About

By remodeling your shower you can bring your bathroom out of the dark ages and give it a more modern look.  When coming up with ideas you should do your research and find what changes will increase the value of your home and make your bathroom more esthetically pleasing. There are so many shower remodeling ideas that you should know about before you start the remodeling process that have been compiled here to help you plan and design your new shower.

Shower Tile – To give your shower a pop using bright tiles and mosaics can make your bathroom shine.  The materials for a shower are opening up to many options like natural stone, metal and wood if properly protected from water.  Be creative and think ahead about what style choices you can make to give your shower an upgrade. A tip for picking your tile is to make sure it matches the existing or new granite countertops in your bathroom.

Shower Storage – To keep your shower looking clean having shower storage to place soap, shampoo, conditioner and face cleaner are ideal.  Most people think they need a prefab shower to pull this off, but you can actually build them within the spacing of the studs in your wall.  You will have to ensure that the little storage areas are water resistant, but this can really add value to your shower.

Skylight – Add a skylight over the bathroom so that you have natural light and save on the energy bill.  An added bonus of a skylight is that if you get one that can open you can prevent mold by letting the humidity out.

Open Shower – Shower curtains look terrible and cheap and should be torn down and thrown in the garbage. So what is the other option, you can put glass doors on the shower, but that adds a step of maintenance every time you shower, as you need to remove the water from the door after every shower.  Consider making your shower an open shower design.  If you place a small curb you can prevent water from escaping and if the flooring outside the shower is ceramic, you can easily clean it up after you dry off.


Rain Showerhead – A great upgrade for your bathroom that puts a high-end touch to your bathroom is a ceiling mounted rain showerhead.  These are being incorporated in new designer homes across America because they give your shower a spa feel that can relax the user and give them a thorough clean.

Wall-Mount Showerhead – A wall-mounted showerhead is simple but it gets the job done.  You can find eco friendly showerheads that do not use as much water as older showerheads, but you do not lose the pressure.

Full Body Sprayers – A luxury item, full body sprayers that are inserted in the walls of the shower are an amazing upgrade to any shower.  These body sprayers can be set to massage sore muscles or a relaxing steam. Updating your shower with full body sprayers also adds value giving the homeowner a win-win.

Hand-Held Showerhead – If you have an older person in the home or someone who is disabled a great addition to any shower is a hand-held showerhead.  This feature can help fully rinse soap off of places that might be overlooked.  A hand-held showerhead is also great to wash your kids and make sure all the shampoo is out of their hair.

Two Showerheads – If you often find that you and your spouse are fighting overt the shower having dual showerheads might be just what you need.  The key to a dual shower is to make each showerhead unique by incorporating two of the options above.  If you make a taller showerhead for him and have a hand held showerhead for her you can give both partners exactly what they need.  An added bonus would be to add full body sprayers.  Never be out in the cold again, add dual showerhead to your shower.

If you are a do it yourself type of person, a lot of these changes you can change yourself.  Some you may have to research or take a class for step-by-step instruction.  If you are unsure that you will be able to complete any aspect of the remodel, get a contractor.  If you higher a contractor to update the plumbing and another to do the tile and granite countertops the rest of the upgrades can be easily done by you.

Be sure that you can see this remodel all the way through by planning the design well ahead of time and making a realistic timeline for your remodel.  Making any of the upgrades and remodels listed here will add value to your home and give you a beautiful place to relax and shower off the day!

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