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Several factors will determine the type of wood you select for your hardwood floor. Dulles Kitchen and Bath has prepared a list of questions that you may need to help you prepare yourself for selecting the right hardwood floor for your home.

  1. What is the subfloor made of?

The type of subfloor you have will determine the kind of hardwood floor it can support. The most common types of subfloors include particleboard, concrete slab, and plywood. If you have concrete, then you will have to bring in an engineered wood. Plywood will allow you versatility with hardwood floors and you can use either solid wood or engineered wood for the hardwood floor. If you have particleboard, you will need to replace it with plywood before proceeding to place a hardwood floor.


  1. Where will the wood go?

The location of the hardwood floor is also a crucial determinant of the type of wood used for the floor. Installing hardwood floors on a second story is quite different from doing the same in the basement. The space beneath ground level is referred to as below grade. A floor that is on the same level as the outside ground level is considered on grade while any floors above this floor are referred to as above grade. Where you place the floor, whether below, on grade, or above grade, will limit the wood options available to you. For instance, it is not recommended to put solid wood below grade owing to the moisture emanating from the ground.


  1. What are your living habits?

Analyze how much you abuse your current floors and learn about the durability of different species of wood. Determine which species will best be suited for you and your family. If there is a lot of traffic in the house, then it is advisable to get a harder wood. Grain patterns, stains, and finishes can also be used to hide scratches and dents in the floor selected.