Optimizing Kitchen Corners


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When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the kitchen corners can prove a bit tricky, and you might end up stuck on what to do with such spaces. You might be fussing on how to save money with the corner, or how to optimize it in order to provide your kitchen with additional space. We have some ideas that can help you in determining what exactly you will do with your kitchen corner.

Consider a Swinging Pullout

A swinging pullout is a great way of optimizing your kitchen corner. You can place heavy pans, and other utensils in the pullout. This option is beneficial because it reduces the amount of time and effort you will use to reach into your cabinet and grab the utensil that you need. It should be noted that a swinging pullout is considered an upgrade and may cost more than the other options we will discuss.

The Lazy Susan

This is a classic solution to turning your kitchen corner into a storage space. The option allows you to place bowls, pans, dishes, and pots on turnstiles. You can access your desired item by turning the turnstile. You will still have to incur the inconvenience of bending down and reaching towards your desired utensil. However, the option provides relatively easy access to the items you need, making your corner more functional.

Appliance Storage

You can also turn the corner into a cabinet for storing your major appliances such as toasters, mixers, and blenders. Storing such appliances on the countertop can be an eyesore, and make the kitchen look cramped. In addition, these appliances may be heavy making it dangerous to store them below the counter. A raised kitchen corner turned cabinet can help solve both these problems. You may have to sacrifice some space on the counter, but your entire kitchen will look decluttered.

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