Mirror Style Options For Your Bath


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You have finally decided to remodel your bathroom, and amidst all the planning and budgeting, one thing sticks out. You have not settled on a mirror style that will match your taste and preference. Lucky for you, we have abundant ideas on mirror styles, and this guide can help you settle on the best style for you.

Carved Wood

A unique carved wood mirror will make a stunning focal point in your bathroom. You can find one of these at your local antique shops. Just ensure that the bathroom has enough ventilation so that you do not have to worry about steam damaging the mirror’s wood frame. However, if the ventilation is wanting, you can simply place the mirror in your powder room to avoid moisture damage.

Bright Brass

Bright metallic finishes in slim-framed mirrors look modern in any bathroom. For a heightened sense of modernity, combine a brass-framed mirror with a concrete sink and brass or black low-profile faucet.


If you have a small bathroom, then the Venetian mirror style is perfect for you. The elegant masterpiece beats having a mirror with an oversize frame hogging all the visual space in the bathroom. If you do decide to go Venetian, then a good design choice is to pair the mirror with modern fixtures to accentuate the curving shape of the mirror.

Sunburst Mirrors

A sunburst mirror would do wonders for your bathroom or powder room. Such a mirror brings fun and spank to the room, and can turn a dreary morning or afternoon into a cheery one in no time. A sunburst mirror can be read as traditional-with-a twist, or Art Deco, or even midcentury, depending on the type of mirror you select. Pair the mirror with a silver sink and faucet, and your bathroom or powder becomes designer gold.

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