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Making Sense of Kitchen Cabinets


If you spend more time looking for ingredients and spices then you do cooking, you probably need to reorganize your cabinets. This can also be a sign that the cabinets you have no longer suit your needs in the kitchen. If you cannot afford new cabinets, you may want to consider organizers in the cabinets you do have.

New Cabinets: When you are looking to buy new cabinets for your kitchen, you should consider several things. Of course, you want to make sure that the cabinets match the granite countertops, or if you are buying both, make sure your granite slab matches the cabinets. In addition, a great feature with new cabinets is the manufactures usually have organizers they can build into your new cabinets. You can find several different companies who have a variety of organizers for their cabinets. Be sure to consider how much storage you may need. Then before purchasing, the cabinets do a blueprint of where everything will fit in the cabinets and cupboards.

Cheaper Cabinets: Sometimes cheaper cabinets make more sense because you are remodeling your vacation home or mother in law suit. You do not have to spend a ton of money if the cabinets are not going to undergo all the wear and tear your home cabinets will take. You may also consider cheaper cabinets when you want to splurge somewhere else in the kitchen like adding value to your home with granite countertops. As long as the cabinets can hold the weight of the granite, cheaper cabinets are worth the tradeoff.

Because the cabinets are cheaper, they usually can be accessed easier because usually cheaper cabinets are produced in bulk. Therefore, if you need to outfit a kitchen in a hurry, cheaper cabinets might be the way to go. Cheaper cabinets are also a good choice for rental homes as they are more likely to need replacing more often. Even cheaper cabinets can be quality, make sure before you buy your cabinets that you look over a sample for quality. If they are flimsy you can do better, just keep looking.

Wood Cabinets: Wood cabinets are the safest bet, as they are durable and affordable. Another bonus is when they get worn you can sand them and restain them to make them look brand new. Wood cabinets have a wood grain that when incorporated with a good stain can really stand out and make your cabinets look beautiful.

Metal Cabinets: For a modern kitchen, metal cabinets are a great way to get an aesthetic look. One thing to consider is that metal cabinets have sharp corners so this is not the most kid friendly choice. When choosing metal cabinets you are going to get durable cabinets, but they are vulnerable to dents.

Glass Cabinets: A popular design in kitchens today is an open concept kitchen. Most people accomplish this by having shelves instead of cabinets, but you can get a cleaner look by having glass cabinets. They are see through but will offer some protection to the bowls and spices that would otherwise collect dust. They are very fragile, so usually you would only consider glass door cabinets on upper cupboards.

Slide-Outs: A great way to maximize your space in your kitchen is to have slide-outs installed to replace your fixed shelves. When you are able to see the full contents of each shelf, you are less likely to forget about certain ingredients and easily find the bowl you need for an event.

If you have beautiful cabinets, but organization is a hard fought battle that you often lose, consider buying cabinet organizers. You can buy purchase a variety of organizers that can keep your spices, cleaners, silverware and glasses in an organized system. When your cabinets are properly organized you will spend a lot less time searching for the proper items and more time cooking and then eating your meals.

If you do not need to have that much organization, consider installing dividers into your drawers. Not only will it prevent things from sliding around and rattling your kitchen when you are looking for a knife, it will also keep separate the utensils you use more often. You can also place dividers between spices if they are kept in the drawer so the spice can be more easily found.

If you are just looking for a remodeled look consider replacing the hardware on your cabinets. Adding brushed nickel handles to your cabinet doors can bring a more contemporary look to your kitchen. You should always use protective paper on the bottom of the lower cabinets so that if something gets stained you can replace the paper and protect your cabinets.

Having a clean and beautifully organized kitchen is every cooks’ dream. Whether you buy new cabinets or you improve existing cabinets any cook can benefit from a kitchen that makes sense.