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In 2016, there are a bunch of foods, spices, gadgets and tools you would love to have in your kitchen. There problem with that is, you run out of storage to keep all of your stuff neatly put away and organized. Luckily, there are tons of clever trends that kitchen designers are including in their design to help you increase the amount of storage that you have in your kitchen.

Corner cabinets went from one of the most difficult storage places to one of the most space efficient storage spaces. The modern version of corner cabinets commonly come with semi-rotatable platforms that allow you to utilize all of the space in the corner cabinet. This is especially useful considering corner cabinets typically have a lot of storage space in comparison to other adjacent cabinets.

A trend that is very common today are many DIY methods to increase storage space. Many people come up with clever ways to put their kitchen items in neat locations. Some examples of this would be:

  • Hangers placed on cabinet doors in order to hang kitchen utensils for easy access.
  • Shelves placed on sides of cabinets to place items on
  • Shelves, hangers, or racks placed on magnets to hang from your refrigerator

There are many easy ways to come up with ways to use the space you have. You can easy put shelves inside of your cabinets. Many cabinet shelves are way too high and it would be impractical to stack items that high. If you put shelves at the halfway point, you can now use this space that you weren’t using before. Empty space just became storage space.

It is very important to visit stores that sell kitchenwares. There are many things for an inexpensive cost that can help create storage in your kitchen. Things available for purchase include but are not limited to:

  • Mobile cabinets that have adjustable wheels
  • Cabinet organizing set
  • Spice Racks that can be attached to anywhere
  • Knife blocks that can be put in drawers

If you feel like your kitchen table is taking up too much space, there are even solutions to get rid of a standard kitchen table. There are fold-down tables available for purchase and are relatively inexpensive. When not in use, they are mounted on the wall and do not take up any space. When you need the kitchen table, you easily unlock the table and set it down gently. A table when you need it, extra space when you don’t.

Lastly, optimal usage of your storage is key. Organization of kitchen cabinets and finding ways to store things more effectively will decrease the amount of storage that you actually need. Find ways to be creative and smart with your storage and you will find it much easier to find things and put things away in your kitchen.

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