Kitchen Remodeling Areas and Considerations


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Getting the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted has benefits beyond your own enjoyment. Upon resale, kitchen renovations bring in two dollars for every dollar spent remodeling. Of course your own enjoyment is important. The kitchen is an important room in the house for food preparation, eating and is often converted into the meeting room for the family. When planning your kitchen renovation, the following areas are among the most important considerations:

Cabinets – The ultimate storage solution, consider updating your cabinets for style and functionality. Wood is the preferred medium for most when planning for replacing cabinets. When planning your cabinet space, consider including a hub space. This will be a valuable space for your family to keep scheduling organized. This space may include shelves for recipe books, a cork board and a calendar. Planning a special place in your kitchen for this space will help you avoid clutter by including the necessary shelving, wall space, etc. depending on the elements you will include. Walk-in pantries are also making comeback. If you have the space, consider adding a pantry for storage in your kitchen.

Islands – The island serves multiple purposes, from food prep, storage below and a great breakfast nook, the island is a great use of kitchen space. Either match your cabinet style or choose a different style for your island. Be sure to measure carefully to include an appropriate sized island in your kitchen what will serve its purpose without interfering. A more versatile version of the island is a rolling option that can easily be stowed against the wall to maximize space when necessary.

Appliances – Design and functionality of most kitchen appliances has improved drastically. Refrigerators and freezers can now be masked as drawers or covered with panels to match cabinets. Now these cooling appliances have increased capacity, eliminating the extra freezer in the basement or garage. Most stove ranges now come with six burners and some may include a grilling or barbeque option. Ovens are also easier to use with the option of wall-mounting. When considering new kitchen appliances be sure to take into account energy use. Most appliances are more energy efficient than before, but there is still a range of energy usage to choose from.

Sink – Consider including an apron sink in its own space with a drain board. You’ll enjoy the ample space in the sink for washing larger pots or large quantities of vegetables or fruit. Otherwise, the standard double tub sink is a hardworking kitchen sink option that gives you enough space for all kitchen tasks.

Countertops – The standard formica is still a popular and durable option for kitchen counters. However, stone is now an excellent and commonly used option for kitchen surfaces. Granite and marble are just two of the many stone options for counter coverage. Consider a variety of colors depending on your kitchen theme. Wood or so-called “butcher blocks” are a nice option particularly for the island.

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