Kitchen Remodel: 10 survival tips to get you through the process


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What most people don’t prepare for during a kitchen remodel is perhaps one of the most oblivious issues of the entire process. Yes, the kitchen is getting a complete makeover and that is a process that could take mere weeks or could stretch over several months. But in the meantime, where do you eat, wash dishes, drink your coffee in the morning? The potential answers to this accurate question of kitchen remodeling survival can cause some people some serious stress. Thankfully, here are ten tips help you survive the whole ordeal.

Pack your kitchen up in an organized and simplified manner. You’ll need to keep some kitchen items like plates, bowls, utensils and the like because you wont want to be eating out for the entirety that your kitchen is undergoing a change. Put these necessary items in a storage bin, organizing them for easy access.

Remember, you won’t have access to a full kitchen so only pack the completely cannot live without items, pack the rest and put them in a storage bin and not in the garage. This will keep your house and garage space less cluttered, which will aid in the movements of all the workers who will be coming and going from the kitchen area.

Set up a secondary kitchen. Most people will use an area like the dining room for this purpose. If you aren’t getting rid of appliances like a refrigerator or microwave, put them in this secondary kitchen space. This is the space where you will now do your cooking and eating, organize it accordingly and keep it neat. Also, planning your meals around such limited dishware and appliances is a must to avoid the need to eat out. If weather permits, make use of the features of an outside grill. Doing this will greatly reduce the cost of living while you are undergoing a kitchen remodel.

Coupled with this, since you probably will not have access to a dishwasher, you’ll need a new dishwashing strategy. Having a mudroom with a sink is a great alternative but if you don’t have that, using the bathtub or a faucet outside might be your only option. Whatever the strategy is, figure it out and adhere to it. You won’t want dirty dishes laying around.

Some homeowners choose to schedule a vacation around the same time as a kitchen remodel in an attempt to combat having to live in a home without access to a kitchen. While this tip is not for everyone, this is an easy way to combine two things to make the process easier to handle. However, if you choose to stay in house during a kitchen remodel, plan ahead if you have children or pet. Keeping them safe and away from the workspace is a must since power tools and heavy lifting will be used. This prevents injury of both family members and workers involved in the project. Keeping traffic flow in and around the kitchen area is key.

In addition to keeping dirty dishes to a minimum, you’ll also want to keep to a minimum the mess and chaos that are caused by workers and contractors in the house. Lay down plastic sheeting to minimize drywall and other building material dust and grime from accumulating and being tracked all over other areas of the house. Also, moving any objects or furniture not involved in the kitchen remodeling process negates the possibility of them being accidently damaged during the remodeling process.

Kitchen remodeling does not have to be a painful process and by following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to a brand new, beautiful kitchen space in your own home.

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