Kitchen Remodel: 10 survival tips to get you through the Process


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Remodeling a kitchen won’t always be an easy feat and in fact can be time consuming and challenging. Between the important decisions and getting things ready, down to the final product it can be stressful and rough. Unlike what magazines may portray it’s never as easy as just buying paint or a few pretty little objects to decorate with. A lot of work, time and detail will go in to any kitchen remodeling project. However, there are some tips that you can follow that certainly will make the job a lot easier than it would be otherwise.

  • Top 10 survival tips to help get you through the process
  1. Labels, labels and more labels. As you’ll lose basically all access or use of your kitchen you’re going to want to have all your stuff labeled and stored properly. This means you want to take note of where things go and label them so it’s easier to access them later. You want to have a good storage space for them, however, it’s unwise to store them in places like a garage.
  2. Only keep out what you can. This might mean having a tote full of a few things of silverware, coffee mugs, and a few small appliances to get you through while your kitchen is going through remodeling.
  3. You want to have a plan b as far as washing your dishes goes. As it’s unlikely you’ll have access to your sink or at least any time soon, possibly buying disposable things like cups, plates and forks and knives might eliminate that issue.
  4. Keep control over your project. This might mean making sure anything you’re worried about getting broken is put up and that the crew hired also maintains control over the mess including dust and debris.
  5. For those who may have some form of pets at home it’s a good idea to have an alternate location where they can have access to food, water, and a bathroom without being under foot and in the way of the crew working on your kitchen. Make sure it’s also away from any dust and debris getting to them.
  6. Don’t be afraid to buy a few essentials yourself as far as tools go. Sometimes when you’re helping or doing it yourself these are things you’ll need.
  7. One thing can lead to another. While you may have went to the store for one thing, you might find yourself redecorating and taking on a whole other project.
  8. Your garage will no longer be your garage. With it being full of supplies, housing possibly new and old decorations and appliances I wouldn’t expect to use it any time soon until the remodeling is done.
  9. Negotiate how and what you eat. This might mean you eat simpler foods that don’t require as much work or leave half the mess.
  10. Don’t stress, stand together. With all the inconveniences that come with a remodeled kitchen there is bound to be fighting and stress. Just remember it’ll pass and you will make it. Just breathe.

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