Kitchen Range Hoods


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Everyone loves the smell of a home cooked meal being made when the walk into a home but without the proper kitchen range hood this smell can cause your home to not smell so pleasant when dinner is not being made. A kitchen range hood is vital to have installed in your kitchen for a number of reason and there are also a few option you can choose from when picking a design for your kitchen.


  • Should have a Cubic Feet Per Minute rating between 250-650. This will give you an idea of how much air is flowing from the unit and providing ventilation to the kitchen.
  • A higher CFM rating will also mean it has more power to prevent grease build up on the area around the cooking area.
  • Range hoods come in a number of designs that can work as focal points or hidden out of sight.
  • Will you need additional installation done in terms of running a vent to an outside wall, which is commonly done with kitchen island hoods?


Under The Cabinets Hoods
Probably the most commonly seen type of kitchen hood is the under cabinet hood. This option can be bought in a number of sizes and colors. These kitchen hoods can be easy to install but do usually require some electrical work as well as additional ventilation duct installed.

Insert Vented Hood Liner
Another fairly popular option of kitchen hood is one that easily can be incorporated into your kitchen cabinets. This option will give your kitchen a consistent uniform look. You may want to work with a designer to ensure you purchase the right liner to accommodate your kitchen cabinets and that could end up costing a little bit extra.

Island Hoods
If you have a fairly modern kitchen with a kitchen island that serves as a cooktop area than you will need an island hood to for proper ventilation. The hood over a kitchen island can serve as a nice focal point for the kitchen instead of just a big distraction. This type of hooding system can be a lot more expensive to install because the vent system needs to be run up through the ceilings and exit through and exterior outside wall.

Wall Mounted Hoods
If you have invest a great deal in high quality or large kitchen appliances like heavy-duty stoves and ovens that you will need to install a durable kitchen hood to compensate. Wall mounted hoods are installed where there are no cabinetries on the wall. Although, these range hoods tend to be large they are of better quality than many other kitchen hoods. There also offer a number of different designs so; again, you do not just have a large distracting eyesore on the wall. These hoods no need installation done from a specialist so they can be fairly higher in cost but, the performance and capabilities of these hoods are well worth it.

Downdraft Hood Designs
If you have a cooktop that comes with additional features such as a grilling top than you will want a downdraft hood to help with ventilation. These hood systems can illuminate the need for overtop kitchens hoods but are typically sold in connection to cooktop systems. Downdraft designs pull odor and steam downward and out of the kitchen area. They are not as costly to install but that is primarily because the come with the cooktop systems.

Kitchen range hoods are a necessity for kitchens if you want to keep away and stale or week old diner smells out of your house. These hoods are also essential to keep your kitchen ventilated and can help prevent grease build up away from the cooking area. There are a number of designs and styles you can choose from all you have to do is know which will work best in your kitchen and for your cooking area.

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