Kitchen of the Week: European-style cabinets and a better flow


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We demonstrates how to create a better flow in your kitchen using European style cabinets. Tired of a least functional kitchen with limited access to nearby living and dining areas, a couple from Portland, Oregon decided to take matters into their own hands. Ann McCulloch, the architect contracted to undertake the remodeling project removed two walls in the kitchen and incorporated the additional space into their new kitchen area. Next, she vaulted the ceiling to make the area more expansive, and installed a farmhouse sink at the center with several storage cabinets. The center stage sink separates the kitchen from the family room and allows one to interact with guests while cooking.

The couple also incorporated a 48-inch, six-burner cooktop with storage underneath and a large refrigerator with feet into their kitchen’s cooking zone. The area also has two types of granite counters to make the kitchen look more interesting. There are slots above the cooktop to provide easily accessible storage for everyday dishes.

The farmhouse sink is between a paneled dishwasher and a storage cabinet for storing cutting boards. A flat-screen television has been placed on top of a built-in message center that allows the couple to watch their favorite television shows as they cook. To increase the wow factor, the couple installed a peninsula bar that divides the family room from the kitchen. The bar is supposed to keep guests busy and away from the kitchen while the cook is preparing the meals. To the right of the bar, is a comfortable sofa to further emphasize the separation of the two rooms.

The new banquette contains a rustic breakfast table and re-covered chairs, an ideal place to sit and eat casual meals while enjoying the view of the garden. A sliding French patio door is located where the old kitchen sink window used to be. The doors provide natural lighting into the house as well as a beautiful view of the garden.

With these adjustments, there is a flow between the new kitchen, the family, and dining rooms as well as the garden outside.

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