Kitchen Appliances and Fixtures


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Appliances and fixtures are among the most important elements of a kitchen.  In function, they make or break the kitchen. If one of your appliances breaks down, you’ll be off to the store in a flash to replace it.  In style, appliances and fixtures can add some pizazz to your kitchen, making it an attractive space.  Appliances and fixtures also make up a significant amount of the cost, both in up front purchases and energy consumption.  Here are the main appliances and fixtures with some important considerations for each when purchasing:

Refrigerators Try to keep functionality first when purchasing a refrigerator and freezer unit.  First off, rule out electricity guzzlers and make sure you pick an efficient option.  Then, consider size and use of space.  Some of the larger units may look attractive – but be sure you will actually use the space. If you won’t use it, keep the precious space in your kitchen for the always useful counter space or additional shelving.  Other great features to look out for when fridge shopping are adjustable shelves, temperature control for specific zones or areas and freezer on the bottom.

Ranges, ovens and vent hoods The main consideration for ranges and ovens is if you’d like the standard all-in-one unit, or if you’d like to have the two separate.  For those who bake a lot, a wall oven provides convenience as you won’t have to bend over to get hot food from the oven.  There are many style options for stoves and ovens, from the traditional white, modern stainless steel to restaurant style appliances.   Be sure to pick an option that has a clock and timers for keeping track of cooking and baking times.  Vent hoods is a less exciting, but necessary item.  The most important consideration here is to have a vent hood that is proportionate to the range it is venting.  Styles are now available in quite a variety to match your kitchen theme.

Dishwashers Here, you’ll want to consider energy use again and look for the most efficient units for long term savings.  Other considerations when perusing dishwashers are how loud it will be and how long the cycles are.  Obviously, the quieter and quicker, the more it will cost you.

Taps and sinks Apart from your main working sink which should be large and spacious to accommodate your largest pots, you may also want to consider installing a pot filling tap by your range or a bar faucets.  Another useful tool for washing bigger pots is pullout spray taps.  Taps are available in numerous styles.  Consider a higher tap or curved tap for ease of filling larger pots, basins and pitchers.

Lighting This can be a great style feature and can also improve visibility important for food preparation with sharp knives.  Lovely pendants can add style and beauty to the room in general; while under cabinet lighting can provide the necessary illumination to make all counter space useful.

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