Is Gray the New White for Kitchen Neutrals?


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When it comes to painting a kitchen or redecorating, many people used to opt for using a wide variety of colors and schemes. Then when their tastes changed then so did the colors. However, with the change in times the vast spectrum of colors have slowly found themselves being mostly limited to more solid and plain colors such as white and grey. While white had become the main color for some time, we’re seeing a rise in trends that is now pointing as grey being the new white for kitchen neutrals.

  • What’s causing grey to be so popular?

Grey colors has a more sophisticated feel to it that sets a great tone to the kitchen, but also allows it to flow with the other rooms in the house. In some ways it’s almost like shining a spot light on the kitchen to promote its importance and reflect that it gets used quite a bit as well. As the kitchen is often times of one the busier rooms in the house it offers a relaxing feel and atmosphere when painted a grey color. Grey has been attributed to being a gentle and relaxing color, so it’s only natural that when you sit down to eat or find yourself cooking that it’s in a relaxing and inviting environment.

Grey is also a really versatile color that works well with almost any color scheme or colors in other rooms. Depending on what shade you use to accentuate the room you can cause a room to look either more spacious or smaller depending on what your goal might be. For those who may have a bit of a flair for interior design, a lot can be done with different shades of green to bring a lot of life to a house. For rooms where you may not have a lot of furniture that might be larger, you can use a darker shade of grey and make the room seem not so large and empty. For rooms that may be small and made in to a small office, you can use brighter shades of grey to give it a more open and larger feeling in terms of space. Perhaps you have other rooms painted another color and you’re not sure what to paint the remaining ones during a renovation. Fortunately, grey is just one of those colors that seems to just flow naturally with other color schemes.

Even beyond paint jobs, for those who might have different tastes in decoration and the types of things they like to adorn their homes with, Grey is versatile to also match whatever scheme you’re wanting to work with or whatever look and theme you’re trying to achieve. Since shades of grey don’t typically go to dark in a home, when you tire of it and find yourself wanting to repaint with another color, grey is a great color that can be painted over with ease. White walls can be so boring and grey just gives a flick of flair.

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