How to install a toilet on a new tile floor?


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If your toilet leaks or has developed cracks, uses much water per flush or has colour faded, it may be time to replace it while you are doing other remodeling stuff in your bathroom. It may be just a day’s work for the plumber or you may try fixing it yourself and save the cost of a house call. However, make sure you have a strong back as these toilets are heavy.

If your tiles are newly laid and only the toilet needs to be fixed, it is important that the toilet is fixed carefully without any damage to the tiles around. Here are seven easy steps to fix your toilet the right way.

Rough the closet bend

The toilet floor flange and closet band needs to be roughed in first. You always need to scrape up the old wax gasket if you are replacing the old one. Make sure you remove the old bolts from the floor flange and scrape the flange clean in order to prevent leaks. In case the old flange is broken or cracked, it needs to be replaced.

Floor flange needs to be secured

The floor flange needs to be positioned in such a way that the underside of the flange is at the level of the finished floor. It is better if the tiles are laid before the toilet is fixed as it will cover the underneath of the toilet. Tighten the screws that hold the floor flange of the floor.

Install wax gasket

Insert the floor bolts through the flange. Adjust the bolts so that they line up with the centre of the drain pipe. Place the new wax gasket on the flange with moulded bolts into the wax to keep them in place.

Place the toilet on the flange

Lower the bowl into place over the flange using the bolts as guidelines. Firmly press it down. The toilet needs to be carefully pushed into the wax ring. The wax ring needs to be warm. If the wax ring is cold, it will not properly seat.

Secure the bowl

Use a marking to level the bowl. Make sure the toilet is square and aligned with the wall. By hand you can tighten nuts and washers. The toilet comes with bolt caps. The washer needs to first go into the bolts, followed by the metal washer and then the nut.

Set tank in the right place

Place a rubber tank cushion if needed into the rear position of the bowl and fit the rubber gasket onto the flush valve. The tank needs to be placed over the bowl. Tighten the bolts until secure. Don’t overdo it, as it may break the tank.

Seal the tank

The last step in fixing the toilet is tightening the hold down bolts at the base of the bowl with a wrench. Place the decorative caps over the bolt ends and seal the base of the toilet bowl with silicone caulk. Hook up the water feed and turn on the water. Your toilet is now installed.


When you are remodelling an existing bathroom, installing the toilet is one of the most important things to get right. Once the toilet is fixed make sure you flush your toilet enabling it to bleed dirt and air from the lines. If not washed out the debris may cause a problem in the sink faucet and other areas.

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