How to Design a Great Bathroom?


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Modern bathrooms are simple, artful, and crafty and always give you a feel of contentment, pleasure and happiness. Your bathroom may effortlessly be a sanctuary for comfort, luxury, cleanliness and hygiene provided you plan the pattern, colours and furniture in the right way. As bathroom is a place that is used every day it needs to be bright, optimistic and sophisticated. Designing your old bathroom and upgrading it to the level of modernity is not an easy task. Here are a few ways to design your bathroom to a refreshing, energising space.

Modern designing

In the process of making your bathroom a refined union of luxurious space always use bright natural colours, geometric shapes and good fixtures, mirror and faucet and place them rightly in the bathroom, it needs to beautify the place in an ordered manner.

Simple designing

Simplicity is the best policy to be followed while renovating your bathroom. You need to keep in mind that an open, organic space is maintained which is free of things. Clusters, shelves, cabinets and other items should not take much place and you have ample place to relax. You can always use geometric shapes and various styles of tiles to make the place more appealing. Always place a small flower pot in the shelve, hang up a geometric shape mirror and keep towels handy. These are the key for a modern bathroom.

Bathtubs that stand free

Tubs usually come in oval shapes. However, tubs are also available in various geometric shapes. One needs to make sure that the tubs are placed well balanced. The bath tubs enhance the beauty of the bathroom. They need to be carefully crafted and placed with elegance and class.


Lighting plays a crucial role in making your bathroom look sophisticated, stylish and refined. You can keep it natural lighted with windows, fix up modern designed geometric shaped lights, however more than the fixture the quality of light is important. Natural light is the best to fall back on. It keeps things simple yet trendy.

Keep green

You can always add a touch of greenery in your bathroom. By keeping an indoor plant or two at the indoor space available may always give you a refreshing feeling. Plants have the power to brighten up your day, and are the best thing to be found in your bathroom mesh.


Bathrooms and its cleanliness reflect the personality of the household. It becomes at most important that the equipment, design of the bath area are properly done and maintained. A modern bathroom needs to be appealing to both eyes as well as to one’s mind. It is a place that needs a visit daily, hence needs to be well set and customised. Perfect planning, execution of ideas in a modern way with geometrical shapes, modern bath tub, exorbitant curtains and apt lighting, nothing can get better.

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