How to design a great bathroom


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Choose a layout that’s efficient

Whatever dreams you have for your bathroom remodel remember that underneath the beautiful tub, shower and other items there still has to be fully functional water pipes, vents and drains. This means that you will need to choose what type of wall layout you need. Look into each and see which is the best for cost and longevity before design.

How will the sink work long term?

All bathrooms look great when first installed, but due to the fact this is the place where the family will be cleaning up you also need to think long term about the way that it can collect mold and dirt. Intricate designs won’t look so great if you can’t access the areas for regular cleaning and mold could even be damaging to health.

Lighting plan

The main place you will need to concentrate on is the mirror which should ideally be wall mounted. For the best lighting around this area fit lights at either side of the mirror and have a third over it so that you can catch all areas for make-up application, shaving and hairstyles so the reflection you see in the bathroom is the same as you will see when you leave the house.

Statement bath tubs

Just like your sofa in the living room and table in the kitchen your bath tub can make a big difference to the look of your bathroom. There are so many to choose from like the freestanding or platform. If this is somewhere you want to relax as well as get cleaned up you could look into an integrated whirlpool tub.

Bathroom spa shower

To create a spa in your home look at the variety of spray heads available. You can have showerheads that are not only above your body but also those that cross one another over the body helping to relax and massage with the power of water. If you like to shower with your partner, why not look at the two person shower stalls?

Choosing the right flooring

Bearing in mind this is a room the whole family will use (and more than likely soak) the flooring will need to be not only water resistant but also anti slip to avoid accidents. You can get all of this without having to compromise on style by opting for stone and ceramic tiles but ensure they are not overly polished as this can create a slipping hazard when wet. If you hate the fact that your feet get cold when you get out of the bath or shower there is the option of under floor heating rather than having a wall mounted heater. Heated towel rails will mean you always have a comfortable warm way to stay relaxed after bathing and a fast way to dry towels after use too!

Whatever you decide on, think first about the amount of space you have available. There are online tools that can help you to work out whether your ideas will fit into the space and whether it will be workable in the short and long term.

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