Going Green with Kitchen Flooring in 2021


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Several reasons exist for going green with kitchen flooring. You will be able to do your part in environmental conservation. You will also be minimizing your long-term expenses on the kitchen floor. This is because the eco-friendly kitchen floor materials are long lasting. In addition, these materials will add to the aesthetics of the kitchen. We recommends the following ecofriendly kitchen materials.

  • Terrazzo

This is a good selection if you are going for an indestructible ecofriendly kitchen floor. It is aesthetically appealing, thereby bringing a lot of character into the kitchen. It is composed of marble or granite with concrete casting. It is prudent to select a terrazzo floor that has minimal impact aggregates, and one that uses ecofriendly alternatives to VOC sealers.

The main disadvantage of having a terrazzo floor is that it is excessively tiring to stand on it for too long. Thus, this might not be the best floor for homeowners who spend long hours every day cooking in the kitchen.

  • Cork

If you do spend hours in the kitchen standing and cooking, then a cork floor could be your best choice. The floor is comfortable underfoot making it easier for you to move around and do your cooking.

Cork is a renewable resource that grows in Spain and Portugal. Cork floors come in a variety of shades and patterns. This means that customers have a wide array of options. In addition, the floors can come as either planks or tiles.

  • Engineered wood floors

An engineered wood floor is an excellent choice because it is durable. This is because they contain a thin layer of finished wood. Additional plys of wood offer backup to the layer of finished wood.

These layers ensure that the floor does not warp when encumbered by humidity and changes in temperature.

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