Essential Considerations for Bathroom Remodels


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Bathroom remodels are highly complicated processes that need to be well thought out before the actual remodeling begins. Even the tiniest fixture in your remodeled bathroom can have a huge effect on the overall look of the room. We have prepared a list of things you should consider before embarking on your bathroom remodel.

What to do with the plumbing

Before you start the remodel, ask the contractor for advice on what to do with the plumbing, framing, and electrical elements attached to the bathroom fixtures. You need to decide whether you want these features exposed or hidden before you even select the related features. For a vintage look, you may choose to leave the plumbing of the sink exposed. You may also want the plumbing to be hidden behind the sink for a more updated look. Ensure you have this discussion with the contractor before the remodeling process begins.

Think about Privacy

If you share a bathroom with someone, for instance, your spouse, then privacy should also be amongst your biggest considerations when remodeling your bathroom. Consider installing a toilet room in your master bathroom. Such a feature makes the bathroom more accommodating to the both of you. In addition, it is very easy to install, and you can have a contractor do it quickly.

How warm should bathroom floor be?

If you are thinking about installing a heated floor, please take a minute to consider the door threshold. The heated floor will adversely affect this area, which is a crucial control point for the bathroom remodel layout. When you add the heated floor, or maybe a curbless shower you will need to thicken the floor. The thicker the floor the bigger the transition from the door threshold to the other areas of the bathroom.

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