Dos and Don’ts for a Bathroom Remodel


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Expertly remodeled bathroom can provide enjoyment and pleasure for years. Poorly remodeled ones will provide constant reminders each time you use it. It is a tricky activity to carry out a successful remodel, as bathrooms are normally crammed with lots of moving parts. Bathroom pumping also prove delicate, as water is ready to exploit any leaks.

Budgeting and planning are the two straightforward ways that can help you in keeping a bathroom remodeling cost at the minimum. There are also other dos and don’ts, which can help in your remodeling endeavors.

Tile your Toilet

A good stylized bathroom does more than just contributing to the general aesthetic. We recommends porcelain tiles for the floor and walls alike due to their constant abuse.

Selecting Sinks

For you sink option, select one that is durable and can integrate well with the vanity countertop and even the adjoining cover backsplash. Enamel and stainless steel are becoming more popular because they are durable and stain-resistant. Solid-surface sinks is the best option as they are durable and can easily integrate with the surroundings. Although prone to chipping out during tests, you can also use porcelain for the bathroom sink as well.


We suggest using granites and quartz for the countertops as their recent exploits have shown to be as worthy as in kitchen countertops. Using laminate as the cost effective option will greatly reduce your remodeling cost.

Hide the toilet

Hiding your master bath toilet in its own room-within-the-bathroom or behind a half-wall (maybe a dresser) can create the necessary barrier without the expense of a framed wall.

Splurge On the Shower

Replace your bathtub with a large shower. To achieve this experience consider installing a shower stall that is large enough to avoid problems with the bathroom door. In addition, direct the showerhead to ensure that the spray will not reach beyond the shower area. This will help in lowering the remodeling costs if planning on a pricey frameless door. You can move the bathtub to another room, so that you can use it once in awhile.

Provide Adequate Ventilation

Install a bathroom fan to circulate air. A good ventilated bathroom will ensure that there is little moisture. Moisture is not good for a bathroom as it breeds molds and mildew, it also fasten the rate at aging of finished and painted surface.

Use different layers of illumination to lighten up your bathroom. Fixing a ceiling lighting for general use is suitable and additional vertical fixtures mounted on either sides of the vanity. Note. Various factories can provide medical cabinets that are already pre-fitted with a lighting system.

Don’ts of your bathroom remodel

No Rushing

After settling on remodeling, take time to plan and design your bathroom, to prevent doing certain tasks twice or rushing for a design which will need relocation of toilets and other piping’s’. Take time to come up with the ideas that’s that will maintain the toilets, shower and sink in their position so that you can save significantly on you project remodeling cost.


Do not skimp on the labor. Although advisable to carry out certain remodeling tastes, leave the more complicated tasks to the professionals as they are highly skilled. You can get a general contractor who can manage the various the various operations at a single general cost.

Buy remodeling materials in person; avoid online buying, as some materials may not have good finishes as they appear in your computer. To keep the remodeling cost at the minimum, visit show rooms is the best option as you can even get better furniture and material at better prices than for the online ones.

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