Creating the Aura of a Spa In Your Bathroom


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Instead of spending thousands of dollars on countless trips to the spa for some well-deserved relaxation, you can bring the spa atmosphere into your home by remodeling your bathroom. We have some amazing ideas that can help turn your drab bathroom into a spa-esque environment, where you can relax after a hard day’s work, for fraction of the cost of having to visit a spa every once in a while.

  1. Go White

For an authentic spa aura, you need to have bright walls, surfaces, and ceilings, and white is usually the color of choice in such an instance. The white ceiling and surfaces will make the room more serene, thereby helping you to relax.

  1. Accentuate with wood

In addition to the white ceiling and walls, ask your remodeling contractor to incorporate wood accents, preferably those with warm tones. The result is a natural space, which makes it easier to relax, and forget the day’s troubles.

  1. Use natural floor materials

If changing the floor is within your budget, then you should instruct the contractor to install a pebbled tile floor. However, if a new floor is beyond your budgetary scope, then you can always purchase a pebble bath mat, or a mat with a similar natural tone.

  1. Use the vanity to create a more open space and feel

Spas usually have an open feel that makes it seem like the room is stretching forever. You can achieve a similar feel and look using your vanity. The first option is to purchase a floating vanity, which allows the floor to stretch all the way to the wall giving the room a more spacious look. Alternatively, you can remove the doors of the vanity to give the room a bigger appearance. You should only go with this option if your intention is to store neat items such as towels that you can fold neatly.

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