Cost Effective Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


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Your bathroom needs a makeover but you are afraid to get it made over all again due to the busting budget, then you surely need to check out some ideas that are cost effective and save you a great deal of money. A little saving here and there will pool up a great saving for you. Renovation is all about the design, timing and material, you can choose the corner that you want to save money on.

Here are some cost effective ways to remodel your ideas.

Avoid Windows, use natural lighting

Before you plan big and go for rearrangement of window frames and fixing up couple of trendy, elegant windows, you can consider bringing in natural lighting to your bathroom in a much less expensive, invasive way. However, if the windowless bathroom looks real gloomy then go in for a light tube, that is quite economical compared to other decorative lights.

Recycling centre may help

There are Centres that sell retrieved and salvage materials at half the original price. You can reap a good saving with recycled, lightly used materials and fixtures keeping the elegant look of the bathroom intact. However, you need to convince the contractor to work on these materials as most of them refuse working on the recycled things on the grounds that they would be blamed if things go wrong.

Do it yourself

If your bathroom demands small renovation, you can do it yourself avoiding the involvement of an architect, contractor and labourers. You can also slash your material delivery fees by picking goods yourself, hence no pick up vehicle and no extra charges. You can also buy material online while they deliver things to your door step.

Buy the supplies at an auction.

There are various building supply auctions wherein you can buy good stuff at reasonable or scrap rates. If you plan for a big renovation or remodelling of your bathroom and other rooms in the house, it is very feasible to get the material from an auction.

Avoid spending on walls.

If the wall of bathroom is rough and needs sanding and filling, it is always better to use non-toxic wall covering of fine glass filaments. It is available in various size and patterns and helps save lot of time, money and energy.


Bathroom and its cleanliness are things that anybody would want to keep intact. People are judged by the bathroom that they maintain. However, it is not an easy task to keep the bathroom in good shape. It needs to be renovated if not under decent limits and calls for huge finances. By planning and executing it in the right method and using cost cutting strategies, you can boast of a well-equipped modern bathroom within your budget and time. Things need to be thought over and planned in order to attain the needed results in a good way.

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