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Gone are the days when you had to choose between a functional and a beautiful cabinet. Several cabinets have combined both aesthetic appeal and functionality of cabinets. The purpose is to enhance the experience of the cabinet owner. Dulles Kitchen and Bath has come up with a few cabinet basics that you should know. These basics will assist you in selecting the right cabinets that come with both style and function.

  • Consider the scope of the project

You need to decide whether you are replacing all the cabinets in the kitchen, or just a few that seem broken down. Determining the scope will help you decide on whether to get uniform cabinets for the entire room. Otherwise, the scope will be getting new cabinets that contrast with the existing cabinetry.

  •     Consider the purpose of the new cabinets

The purpose that you have envisioned for your cabinets will determine how you prioritize and balance functionality and style. However, it is imperative to strike a balance between the style, functionality, and the cost. All these factors have an effect on each other and each play a role in cabinet selection.

  • The basics of functionality

Now that you have determined the scope and purpose of the cabinet project, it is time to understand the basics of functionality. The basics that you should be focusing on include the height and depths of the cabinets. In addition, you should focus on the space between the shelves of the cabinets. Another consideration is the depth for the upper cabinets.

  • The basics of style

Once you have covered the basics of functionality, it is time to assess the style basics. They include the material the contractor will use, and the style of the doors. Other considerations are the type of frame the builders will use for the body. The method of construction for the cabinets is another major consideration.