How to Decide the Best Time to Remodel Any Part of Your Home?

Home remodeling is one of the fastest-growing industries in the US right now. And as expected, with a burgeoning industry comes rapid innovation.

There was a time when people could go their entire lifetimes without needing a major overhaul of their living quarters. That’s hardly the case anymore. Whether it is making your house more energy-efficient, or installing solar panels, or ‘smartening’ up the poor old thing — there’s almost an overwhelming number of reasons out there to get you interested in a remodel.

And once you finally decide on going down the remodeling path, there are multiple factors you need to take into account too. The initial excitement is great, but the planning part is hard and very crucial too. That’s to say, if you want your project to be successful. You need to consider the budget, the scope of the work, contractor, etc, etc. However, amidst all this, one factor that often gets ignored is the time of the year.

Personal preferences matter and a lot of work can be urgent enough to not consider the timing, and that’s fine. But if you have some time on your hand, we would strongly recommend factoring in the best time of the year to undertake remodeling projects.

To make things easy for you, here are some major factors you should consider while picking a time of the year for remodeling your house:

1. Season

We don’t exactly mean the season as in weather, but the peak/offseason for a particular job.

Homeowners tend to undertake a lot of remodeling work during late spring and summer, which sounds obvious considering the comfort it affords with respect to longer working hours and easier working conditions.

Though, as a result of the ‘conventional’ wisdom, summer is also the season when both the contractors and the materials are in high demand. Which brings us to our second point…

2. Supply and Demand

Even if you’re a barely functioning adult, you’ve surely heard about the concept of supply and demand. Basically, if the supply doesn’t match the demand, the prices go up.

And since everyone is waiting to get their project started during the summers, naturally the prices of the material and the labor are both jacked up. So you know what you’ve to do to save some bucks, right?

But then again, you can’t just undertake every kind of project during every month of the year…which brings us to our next point on the list.

3. Nature of Remodel

Most of the people get their roof fixed during the summers or spring. However, a lot of industry insiders claim that it’s not always such a good idea.

Exposing the wood to high temperatures can damage it right from the start. It is always a more pragmatic approach to get any woodwork done during fall. There are other examples like this where a certain remodel should only be done during a certain time (electric fix-up during rainy weather? Please don’t do that!)

But what if you live in a place that has extreme weather? That’s what our next entry deals with.

4. Local Weather

Building a backyard pool during the winters in Buffalo, just so you can beat the supply/demand game? Good luck with that!

Fighting against Mother Nature is futile, and we should all know that by now. So make sure that you are well aware of the weather patterns in your area.

If your place gets a lot of rain, just pick a different time. It’s going to create unnecessary delays anyway.

5. Contractor Availability

Try and figure out the pattern of employability of contractors in your area, and pick a time when they have fewer projects on hand.

Be mindful that this is not done for the purpose of shortchanging them out of their deserved compensation. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You should get the best out of your investment and a contractor focusing on too many different projects is hardly that. The chances for him to mess up among many projects are much more. We’re all humans after all!

6. Personal Reasons

In the end, don’t ignore your own personal patterns and habits just to adhere to some strict guidelines.

Even if summer is the peak time in your area, it might also be convenient for you personally because you can devote more time to the project. Or maybe your kids can be sent away for a fun little vacation to the grandparents, and you can have one less thing to worry about.

Whatever may be the reason, make sure the final time and duration suits your life as much as it possibly can.

Final Word

At the end of the day, you need to have a coherent plan of action before undertaking any remodeling project.

If you rely solely on choosing a time of the year to make your project successful, but ignore everything else — you’re gonna have a tough time.

Pay attention to the weather, figure out the on and off seasons for your particular type of remodel, develop a game plan to accommodate it into your own busy life — and voila! You have all your bases covered and the next thing you know you have perfectly executed a remodeling project!

Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Black Friday Sales in DMV Area: 9 Best Deals and Offers in 2021

Black Friday officially falls on the 27th of November this year. There are more and more exciting offers going live every day already. You must be wondering which of these Black Friday sales in the DMV area. Further, there are also concerns regarding long shipping times that you should consider while going online.

That being said, there are several cool discounts and competitive offers worth checking out. Continue reading to check out our picks for the top 9 best Black Friday sales in DMV this year.

1. Price Busters Sofa & Loveseat

At Price Busters in DMV, this year is one of the best Black Friday sales ever. Yes, you can now buy your dream sofa or loveseat for just $398. You even have the option of paying up in convenient $19 installments. The package includes a loveseat, sofa, coffee table, two lamps, and two end tables. You can arrange all of them in your living room for a truly comfy setting.

You can reach Price Busters at 2415 W Franklin St, Baltimore, MD 21223.

2. Price Busters Bedroom Package

Price Busters in the DMV area features another strong entry in the list of best Black Friday sales. You can buy a splendid 10 piece bedroom package for $398. As an additional bonus, it comes with two soft foam pillows.

You can reach Price Busters at: 2415 W Franklin St, Baltimore, MD 21223.

3. Laptop Deals from Lenovo and Dell

Black Friday brings with it some of the best sales in regards to electronic items like laptops. Stores with Dell and Lenovo products all across DMV will be offering spectacular deals on laptops. For example, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 8th Gen features a whopping discount of $800.

4. Target Deals

Along with Best Buy, Target stores all across DMV will be offering some of the best Black Friday sales. From October 29, customers can enjoy excellent discounts on various items, such as kitchen appliances and music players. The retailer has also revealed that it plans to offer Black Friday deals throughout the month before Black Friday.

You can reach Target at 2905 District Ave Suite 400, Fairfax, VA 22031.

5. JCPenney Deals

JCPenney is not far behind when it comes to offering the best to customers in terms of Black Friday sales. The Black Friday sale from JCPenney is set to begin on November 1 in DMV. There will be discounts on clothes, domestic goods and kitchen appliances there. Try to keep looking for discounts on the splendid 400 TC Wrinkle Guard Sateen Sheets in particular.

You can reach JCPenny at 7777 Eastpoint Mall, Baltimore, MD 21224.

6. Walmart Deals

This year, Walmart will be offering some of the best Black Friday sales in DMV. There will be three different events featuring unique discounts on various items. Shoppers should try to prepare beforehand to check the deals that will be available in their area.

You can reach Walmart at 6405 Dobbin Rd, Columbia, MD 21045.

7. The Home Depot Deals

The Home Depot has already announced that the Black Friday sales will run from November 6 to December 2. It will feature discounts on a number of items like power tools and holiday décor.

You can reach The Home Depot Deals at 3201 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22030.

8. Kohl’s Deals

Like Walmart and Home Depot, Kohl’s Fairfax will be starting its savings early – on November 6. Until November 10, new 24-hour deals will be added every day. The items on sale include many useful products like clothing and cooking appliances.

You can reach Kohl’s at 12551 Fair Lakes Cir, Fairfax, VA 22033.

9. Best Buy Deals

Last but not least, Best Buy Black Friday sales in DMV area will begin on November 22. They will feature items like TVs, laptops, and several electronic gadgets.

You can reach Best Buy at 5799 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041.

COVID-19 In Positive Light: Robots Step In Just When They Should

End of humanity brought by robots…

That was always a fashionable subject for science fiction and made it to the core of at least half a dozen popular movies so far. The truth, however, might turn out just the opposite as hopeful signs emerge in Fairfax City, Virginia, these days.

COVID-19 pandemic has grinded all but a trickle of human activity to a halt in the U.S. and almost everywhere else around the world. Entire nations from the west to the east are in strict lockdown. Worse, as the global health emergency looks certain to deteriorate before it starts to finally ease over the next weeks, or even months, change in the ways we live is but inevitable.

Robots might be central to that change. So will, at least, Fairfaxers testify when Starship Technologies robots start delivering groceries around town soon.

‘Tremendous Demand’ During COVID-19

The hope is that those autonomous machines will help connect a variety of city businesses with residents. Especially when they are ordered to stay at their homes and practice social distancing due to the pandemic.

That could happen as soon as April 20th, according to Chris Neider, member of the tech company’s business development team. For him, those robots will ride above a rising wave of demand. “We’re seeing a tremendous need, at this time, especially for contactless delivery,” he says in an April 11th report.

Customers can use the service by downloading the company’s mobile application with which they can see which stores use the technology in their neighborhood. All that will be left, then, will be placing an order for the items they need online. Robots will deliver them to their doors.

Those deliveries are already happening inside George Mason University’s campus in Northern Virginia. For students who cannot go home because of the pandemic, that service is an important way they stay safe.

Worst Post-War Crisis

For many countries around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic represents the worst economic and social crisis since World War II. The U.S. is one of them. Even the most optimistic estimate on its damage to the national economy starts from a trillion dollars. The pandemic’s human cost is growing by the day to new heights.

According to Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center, there were more than 550,000 cases and about 22,000 fatalities across the U.S. by mid-April. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, where Governor Ralph Northam issued a stay-at-home order and banned all gatherings of more than 10 people on March 30th, the number of cases topped 6,000 including 149 deaths. The state’s social restrictions are likely to extend through end of April and possibly even beyond that. The Institute for Health Metric and Evaluation predicts the peak resource use in Virginia will happen on April 27th.

Fairfax Considers Tripling Paid Parental Leave for Its Employees

Being a working family in Fairfax, Virginia, could see a significant improvement in July if the local administration gives the green light to a proposed tripling of paid parental leave for county employees to six weeks.

Currently, workers on the county’s payroll have the right to take only two weeks off their jobs. This is without suffering any cuts to their payments in case their households welcome a new member. The program is flexible in the sense that it covers not only birth but also adoption and foster care placement. It also covers personal and family health issues but the amount of time they receive is too short. Families often end up having to exhaust their annual and sick leaves in the process as well.

Apart from the two weeks of parental leave in Fairfax, county employees currently have 13 days of sick leave. This is on top of an annual leave of 13 to 26 days depending on their tenure. Under these conditions in households, families with newborns and ailing members sometimes have to resort to leaves without any pay. They face difficulties in making ends meet while taking care of those who need their help. Luckily, their struggles do not go unnoticed.

The representing Service Employees International Union Virginia 512 has repeatedly raised the matter at the county level for “it really is a matter of life quality,” says David Broder, its president. “I hear every single day from members about why this is so important, from workers who are expecting…to another member who was battling cancer.”

Adoption Highly Likely

Now, if the Board of Supervisors adopts the proposal to expand the paid parental leave program, possibly to take effect in July 2020 in line with the county’s budget for next fiscal year, families will start to get a much more favorable treatment in such cases and be able to use their annual and sick leaves more properly. And initial signs out of the executive body point to a likely adoption soon.

“Our employees are the backbone of our county. They are the ones who bring our world-class programs and services to life,” Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeff McKay says in recognition of workers’ contribution to the life in Fairfax and the importance he attaches to making their lives better in return. “This (proposal) is a great step toward my goal of making Fairfax County the best place for working families.”

Result of Long Negotiations For Tripling Paid Parental Leave

There are nine other members on the board besides McKay, representing different districts. The executive body arrived at the current crossroads between adopting or rejecting the proposal after McKay himself introduced a resolution asking staff to compile information on the county’s paid leave opportunities following months of negotiations with Broder’s union. The board unanimously passed the resolution last July.

Elsewhere in Northern Virginia, there are stark differences from one constituency to another. Arlington County currently gives its employees up to four weeks of paid parental leave at home, while Loudoun and Prince William have no parental or family leave programs.

Mystery Around Booming Price for Falls Church House

When a senior couple listed their Falls Church home for sale, they had no idea that there’d be a fierce fight between bidders trying to pick it up from the market as soon as possible. Now as a result, they are sitting on a pile of cash that’s much taller than they asked.

Earlier this month, the couple decided to sell the Walnut Street property that they called home for four decades. Through their agent, they advertised it for $799,000. The bidding process, however, turned out much better than they imagined. The four-bedroom house sold for $969,412, a whopping 21.3% higher over its list price. It drew in 30 offers from potential buyers in a single day.

The mystery, though, is that the same property was worth about a $100,000 less according to real estate brokerage Redfin. Why, then, were there so many people willing to pay the extra?

Amazon HQ2 Effect?

One theory relates that high interest to the fact that the house is only a few minutes away from National Landing, site for Amazon’s second North American headquarters (HQ2).

The ‘HQ2 Effect’ is long a subject of many discussions about the region’s property market. That it’d offer a total of 25,000 high-paying jobs when it’s complete by 2025 has had many people anticipating a price jump for homes and offices nearby. So, it’s not without good reason why it came up this time, too.

Lack of Supply?

Realtor Stacy Hennessey, who represented the couple in the transaction, however, isn’t a big believer of that approach. Hers rather focuses on the supply side.

She says there haven’t been many local properties up for sale this time of the year and that’s why her clients have received a huge payout.

Describing the ‘HQ2 Effect’ as a “self-fulfilling prophecy” in a February 24th report, Hennessey advised willing sellers and buyers to pay attention to timing instead. According to her, there will be a higher inventory soon as more properties become available in the spring.

In Falls Church, the median property value has become $742,000, about 2.5% higher year-on-year, latest Data USA figures show. In neighboring Arlington and Alexandria, the same figures are $643,000 and $537,900.

Multiple listing service Bright MLS says home sale price in those three places collectively rose by 4% from $590,582 in 2018 to $614,236 last year. The Northern Virginia properties also sold much faster. The number of days they stayed on the market fell from 55 to 24 in the same period.