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Kitchen and bath

Choosing cabinet and countertop finishes can be a nightmare for many homeowners owing to the number of options available. Furthermore, the options available are usually so close in appearance, which makes it even harder for homeowners to choose. Here is where expert advice from the Dulles Kitchen and Bath team comes in. the following are some steps that can guide you in selecting the right kitchen finishes.

  1. Begin with the countertops

Kitchen remodeling experts opine that the best place to start in selecting finishes for the kitchen is with the countertops. This is because the countertops usually occupy a large surface area, and it can become the focal point for texture and color. You can use this large surface area to determine the texture and color scheme for the rest of the kitchen.

When selecting a countertop, durability and easy maintenance should be your key priority. For durability, stick with granite, stainless steel or zinc. For easy maintenance, go for slabs or large format tiles that minimize the number of grout lines.

Experts also recommend that you stick with a specific material for the countertop in order to enhance and maintain a consistent flow throughout the kitchen.


  1. Proceed to the cabinets

When it comes to selecting the material for your cabinets, remember the choice you made for the countertop. The selection you make for the cabinets should flow with the material of the countertops, but they do not have to be the same.

The most common choices for cabinetry material are wood, marble, and slate. Select the one that you believe matches the rest of the kitchen palette. You can have different materials for the different cabinets, but ensure that the selections are small in number to maintain the simplicity of the kitchen.

You should also go for cabinetry that is light in color to really open up the room.