7 Kitchen Cabinet Trends


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Cabinets are probably the most integral part of a kitchen, they are much more than just eye candy! Yes they add a lot to the overall look of the kitchen but their most important is the functionality and storage they offer to your kitchen.

There are many types of kitchen ranging from small to large, from compact kitchens in apartments to large lavish kitchens in small homes. Each needs a different style and design of cabinets to suit the householders needs. This article takes a look at 7 kitchen cabinet trends that are work for a range of kitchen sizes, read on below:

  1. Metallic hues – A new trend to sweep kitchens, this is one modern trend you can’t go wrong with! Use warm metallic like brass gold and copper to add a lovely warmth to your home. Guests, family and friends will love the cosy feel! Copper pendant lights and range hood are an easy way to pick up on this trend, you could also try incorporating simple brass handles for an cool metallic touch.
  2. Vintage vibes – Vintage may seem old but it couldn’t be more 21st century! There is something about vintage elegance that oozes glamour and works for any kitchen. Try incorporating retro gadgets, one of vintage pieces and carefully selected vintage décor to give your kitchen a vintage makeover.
  3. Cool Porcelain – Porcelain has been around for a while but only now are people starting to bring this old style back. Try installing porcelain benchtops that are not only functional but look oh-so-sleek. These are usually stain resistant and also come with splashback designs.
  4. Texture speaks – Texture is one of the most popular trends on the kitchen market. Texture is a versatile trend that can be easily incorporated in your kitchen with simple, affordable elements. Think texture laminate on cabinet fronts, textured tiles and much more.
  5. Elegant Neutrals – This year cool, versatile neutrals bring out the best in chic kitchens. Incorporating neutral creams and greys is a safe way to get in on this trend. This gives an overall clean look to the kitchen and creates a relaxing environment whilst you cook up a storm or have a quite cup of tea.
  6. Patterns and colours – Geometric patterns and shapes are a cool way to spice up your kitchen look. This is such a versatile trend with so many shapes and colours you really should do some research to have a look at what suits your tastes.
  7. Mint is the new black – Mint is a cool new colour that is sure to dominate kitchens in the upcoming year. Try this as an accent colour or mint utensils, bar stools or even your kitchen splashback. This colour will look good in any kitchen and is one trend that is simple and affordable to implement.

Hopefully one of these appeals to you or gives you some ideas as to how you want your kitchen to look. There are so many options out there its easy to become overwhelmed!

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