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10 Cabinet Trends

Adopting new cabinet trends is a great way to jazz up your kitchen. The new year has just begun and you have a fresh opportunity to give your kitchen that makeover you’ve been planning. Check out some of the ideas below:

  1. Nature is best- This trend is for those looking to get away from the high side from life and slow things down. Our world today is so fast paced with people constantly focused on technology incorporating nature in your kitchen can be one small way to get back to nature. Rustic wood, concrete and natural stone are some of the materials that you can use to try the earthy look in your kitchen.
  2. Timber- Timber is one a sleek type of wood that adds instant class to any kitchen. If your aim is to give your kitchen a more homely look then looking for timber cabinets is the way to go. If you want a little extra you could even create an earthy looking bench top with timber or try tree trump stools.
  3. Metal- All those industrial enthusiasts will love this trend. Copper and brass features in your kitchen are easy ways to pick up on this trend. Brass knobs on your cabinet doors are an easy first step when you are thinking about this trend in your kitchen,
  4. Colour- Colour can instantly brighten up any one’s mood and thus putting more colour in your kitchen can be a long-term mood booster! Choose a colour scheme you are happy with design your kitchen accordingly.
  5. Contemporary styles- This trend incorporates sleek, clean elements such as smooth benchtops, white shiny cabinets and modern day lighting to give your kitchen an overall modern look.
  6. Open floor plans- This trend will require some remodeling and is great for those looking to expand space in their home. This will create a combined environment that will create a versatile yet functional kitchen.
  7. Black kitchen- Black is a strong colour to have in your kitchen but for those looking for something a little different black is just what they are looking for! All black can be a little overwhelming so try pairing black with some lighter colours to tone things down.
  8. Pullouts and rollouts for kitchen cabinets- Installing built in organizers in the form of pullouts and rollouts can help you manage all your clutter problems and create a functional kitchen.
  9. Textured surfaces- Textures are a popular trend this year, they introduce versatility and set your kitchen apart from the rest! Try installing textured tiles and cabinets to get in on this snazzy trend.
  10. Plush purples- Purple is another colour to make its mark this year, simply painting your cabinets purple will get you started on this trend. Also introduce purple décor to complement your purple cabinets.


Hopefully you’ve found something you like, you could even try mixing up some of these trends!